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The weekend to Bali Island scenic indoor and outdoor hot springs Wuhan Garden – Xianning hot springs and enjoy the beauty, a marathon – tourism Sohu — — — — the highlights of the trip — — — — Xianning Phoenix Hotel – Duomeitu + detailed experience and introduce Xianning the first hot spring marathon live beauties + welfare eggs Wuhan Yellow Crane Tower super detailed reports on the =================== + map seimi economy November, Beijing weather gradually cold, these days in the morning when the indoor temperature is only twelve degrees, each day is a big project, clothes are in bed in autumn Yi Long Johns dare to drill out, lest the warm blanket on body temperature to save are scattered away. Morning angry circle of friends said that this Beijing, I want to go back to the Northeast cold! Small partners in the South have to play a question mark? Expressed puzzled. What they don’t know is that although the northeast is cooler than Beijing, the room is heating up. And the farther north, the earlier the heating. I really want to express is: Beijing how not to heating? Froze to death! In order to get rid of the body of the ice cold, the palm of the resolve, huff went to Hubei Xianning spa. This anger: reliable) — — — — Preparations — — — — Essentials: ID card, mobile phone, keys, wallet, main equipment: SLR system: Nikon D810+16-35 4 VR + T2205 three +100MM tripod source filter system. Portable machine spare machine: Fuji X70 (with the beat, humanities, delicacy, night) aerial device: Dobby UAV (high force self artifact and 13 weapon) clothing shoes and hats: Beijing in November although soon winter, but Hubei is still relatively warm. Spring and autumn clothing can be. Daily necessities: since it is going to a spa, a swimsuit or clothing with hot springs. — — — — itinerary — — — — — — — — traffic — — — — Beijing to Xianning train is not too much, Beijing to Wuhan to train more. So whether it is to go back, you can consider the first transit to Wuhan. Xianning to Wuhan train a lot, as long as half an hour to 1.5 hours of high iron, iron. Sooner or later, an average of one hour. The way to choose the G505 high-speed rail Beijing direct north of Xianning. Return Z2 sleeper from Wuchang to Beijing west. Beijing to Xianning train — — — — stay — — — — Hotel Xianning Biguiyuan Goodstay Phoenix Spa Hotel reservation link: #ctm_ref=hod_hp_hv_def_n_1 garden is a well-known real estate group, Xianning Biguiyuan Biguiyuan group Goodstay Phoenix Spa Hotel is combined with Xianning local hot springs Bali Island has build Southeast wind.相关的主题文章: