Accident or Dutch act pianbao Haikou sixty elderly buy insurance after the unfortunate drowning onavo protect

Accident or Dutch act pianbao? Haikou sixty elderly buy insurance after the unfortunate drowning of Haikou sixty elderly buy insurance after the unfortunate drowning, death certificate does not indicate "accident", the families of the claim to the insurance company refused drowning is accidental or Dutch act pianbao? The insurance company: the cause of death is unknown, does not exclude the insured Dutch act pianbao take the judicial process, suggested that the family family party: the bodies have been cremated, could not confirm the cause of death in detail: the police failed to issue a death certificate sixty elderly to buy accident insurance, shortly after an outing lost contact with his family, four days was found drowned, after the family lodge a claim against the insurance company has encountered difficulties. Even the day to Haikou, Mr. Yang to the Southern Metropolis Daily 966123 hotline, said his father Yang Moushu in early July of this year to buy a group accident insurance, accident killed which agreed to receive a maximum insured amount of 100 thousand yuan. Yang found that Moushu unfortunately drowned after their families find the insurance company claims, but because of the death certificate issued by the police the cause of death is not specified for the "accidental death", by the China Insurance company. Sixty elderly buy insurance after drowned Mr. Yang said, his father Yang Moushu 61 year old, previously in Haikou Qiongshan District of a construction site workers, in early July of this year, my father bought insurance group accident of a life-insurance company in Hainan, the insurance agreement, the insured in the insurance effect occurred during the accident, the highest get 100 thousand yuan of insurance claims. However, on the morning of July 24th this year, Yang Moushu told his family, ready to go out to work on the site, but after a few days, but lost contact with his family, the family looking for no fruit, helpless alarm. Until July 28th the same day, Yang Moushu’s body was found floating in Haikou Jiuzhou town "Lake" Lake area, the Haikou Municipal Public Security Bureau police station rushed to the scene after the alarm investigation. The "death certificate" is not clear cause of China Insurance Company Haikou Jiuzhou station after investigation, issued a death certificate "Moushu yang". Because is the summer, in order to avoid the old corpse kept too long, Yang Moushu’s family did not do an autopsy will require cremation of body. According to Mr. Yang, after the incident, he and his family through the district police station to get the news that the police have basically ruled out the suspicion of his father was killed, the insurance company salesman also went to the scene. Later, Mr. Yang and his family received the "death certificate" from the police station, then to Yang Moushu was insured in the insurance company, formally proposed insurance claims. But after the investigation of the insurance company, the insured person died on the death certificate is not clear cause of death as an accident, and therefore refused to pay. Does not exclude the insured pianbao may suggest the family go Dutch act judicial procedure according to the insurance company staff, the company in accordance with normal procedures for investigators to the scene investigation and review of relevant information, the police found the insured Yang Moushu issued a "death certificate", the cause of death is not clear, do not meet the "accident dead" conditions, so give notice exclusions". At the same time, the cause of death is unknown, does not exclude the insured may Dutch act pianbao.相关的主题文章: