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Home-and-Family Because it was be.ing difficult for European country homeowners to maintain their homes they created the shabby chick design. This allowed them to decorate their homes all within a minimal amount. If you have an apartment that looks drab and boring your can use the English country style to decorate your kitchen. First you need to decide on your color choices. You want to use beige, cream, or pastel yellow, pink, blue, or green. Don’t just use one color be creative and use several. You may want to create a pattern of wide pastel stripes. You may also find wall paper that you like. Make sure that it uses pastel color or prints like pink and red roses. Cover the walls with a bed board or paneling that you can paint pastel colors. Then add white trim to the room. Your flooring should also be done in pastel floral prints like yellow, green or pink. Make sure that the rug .pliments the wall. If you want an permanent flooring down use linoleum or ceramic tiles that also use the pastel colors. There are stores that sell retro style appliance to truly get the look you want to create. If not you can repaint the appliances you already have. Repaint the cabi.s in the kitchen as well then put glass knobs on them. For windows you want to add a floral pattern. Age the material by dying it in tea. This is the perfect look for shabby chic. Or you may want to use a valance scarf that is made from the shabby chic cotton. But don’t just drape it over the curtain rods use the scroll type hooks and drape it over the hooks. Thread it through the hooks from the backside. This will give it a puffy design. You can’t decorate a shabby chic room without adding wrought iron. Add wrought iron fixtures to the room and hang an old fashioned mitten or hand towel that is embroidered. Other wrought iron decor would include spice racks, corner shelves, serving trays, cutlery holders, or anything else that looks old fashioned. You can also opt for wrought iron lighting fixtures. Accessorize with keepsakes such as a few small family photos in antique frames, vintage measuring spoons, vases, family heirloom serving dishes, old tin cookie cutters, ceramic rose design dishes and vintage tea sets. Nothing says Shabby Chic better than these. Drape your shelves with lace doily hanging over the edge then display your keepsakes instead of having them gather dust at the bottom of the trunk in the basement. Create a step back in time in elegance and shabby chic. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: