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Hi! This is Dr. Barry Lycka, Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist. I’m so glad to be writing articles for you about some of the newest advances in the world of beauty and cosmetic surgery. In this article I share the conversation highlights I had with Dr Joel Schlessinger, board certified dermatologist & cosmetic surgeon and founder of the LovelySkin website. We are talking today about the growing range of use at home skin care devices and cosmeceuticals. There seems to be a growing range of skin care devices to use at home Do they actually work? This was the first question that concerned Dr Schlessinger when he first started looking at these devices and testing them out. And generally, YES, they do work, and offer a good enough alternative for those who dont want to, or cant visit the doctors or dermatologists office. For example: lets look at the Tria at home hair removal laser. This is made by Tria and has been on the market for 4 or 5 years. Latest is the Tria 4x, faster and more effective than previous models, and is supposed to deal with all the hair on the body in 60 minutes! People leave glowing reviews about this product on the lovelyskin website and seem very happy with it. It does not give equivalent results to the hair removal lasers used in a doctors office BUT it works in its own way and definitely reduces the hair volume. For areas such as the underarms and lips it is a perfectly acceptable device. It is not quite so good for legs BUT people seem very satisfied with it. As it is a laser, be careful with your eyes. It is available on Trias own website and also at lovelyskin dot . around $490 which is a good price point .pared to hair removal at a dermatologists office. However, it does not work on dark or tanned skin. There is an alternative device for dark or tanned skin called the mesmooth and it is a flash lamp device using intense pulsed light (IPL). It is a great treatment and has been out for a couple of years to remove hair from any & all skin types, it works quicker than the Tria, you glide slowly across the skin with it rather than pointing it. Currently it is not FDA approved for facial treatment, but is going through the approval process, and again, be careful around your eyes. What other devices are you pleased with currently? Dr Schlessinger enjoys the Clarisonic devices which are great for cleansing the skin. They use sonic vibration to vibrate the brushes. Sadly, according to Dr Lycka, it is no longer available in Canada, although it was popular in his office. Any other devices? Yes there are a couple of light devices. Firstly those using Blue light to help treat acne. The light kills the bacteria which allows the acne to improve and the skin to heal. It is not a .plete cure, but it is a nice way to improve and control acne. It is particularly of value to those people who have acne and who cannot receive antibiotics or other acne treatments, for whatever reason. They can have some at home ongoing treatment of their acne using the blue light devices. There is also a device which uses red light and that is used to treat wrinkles and other skin treatments. There is not so much use at the moment of red light devices but research is ongoing into the promising options for using red light and the use of red light at home devices will only improve as time goes on. Moving onto another growing trend, lets take a look at the world of Cosmeceuticals Firstly, what is a cosmeceutical? They are products which help the skin and are a blend of a cosmetic product with added pharmaceuticals (drugs). They have been around a number of years, but what is new? The range of cosmeceuticals is bigger than ever before, and continues to grow. They are better than purely cosmetic products, and they contain prescription drugs and are great for uses around the eyes, facial & skin care. For example, a cosmeceutical for around the eye area is an eye cream which contains PSP, a growth factor. The growth factor stimulates collagen and helps the skin repair itself as well as helping the skin to look better, improving the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. An example of this is Lumiere eye cream with PSP. Other additions used in cosmeceuticals tend to be peptides and botanicals. .panies producing cosmeceuticals have to be careful with how they market their products dont they? Yes, they must be careful with the claims that they make so they do not conflict with the US FDA regulations. Typically they can only say that the product appears to improve the appearance of.. they cant make other more specific claims as they will be in conflict with FDA rules. Another excellent example of cosmeceuticals products are those which help eyelashes grow. Latisse is the well known prescription product, but there are other very good cosmeceuticals which also enable eyelash growth, but the claims have to be less as they are a cosmeceutical not a prescription drug approved by FDA. There are also some other products to help improve wrinkles, particularly that of topical botox which is in testing and going through FDA trials at the moment, for 2 uses, around the eye wrinkle treatment and also for underarm sweating. This is going to be a very interesting product. Anything else of note at the moment? Well not quite a cosmeceutical, but a group of products which have captured a lot of interest currently are the Beauty Balm Creams (BB creams). These products are multi-tasking skin products, typically containing a sunscreen, a moisturizer and ingredients to provide a corrective action for the skin, such as to improve the clarity of it. People love them particularly those women around 30 to 35 who are seeing signs of sun damage and who want to improve and protect their skin, without the hassle of using lots of products at once. There are several available at the moment, more are .ing out and they are growing in popularity. Dermatologists often stock them, and they are also available from the lovelyskin website. The lovelyskin website has been a fore-runner of selling products online, with an excellent reputation, offering dermatologist re.mended advanced skin care products and use at home skin care devices. It has been set up to help people who cannot buy items in their local area, and currently offers over 10,000 products from around 250 manufacturers. I look forward to connecting with you and if you have any questions for me on cosmetic surgery procedures, liposuction, skin cancer, scars and skin care, then please contact me via any of the methods listed in the ‘About The Author’ box below, ask your question, (it goes directly to me) and I will be back with a private answer for you ! And keep looking out for more articles featuring cosmetic surgery & skin care advice, scar treatments and the latest in cosmetic procedures. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: