A rare and rare disease characterized by persistent excitement minmi

Sounds like a cool sex excitement in the world of the very rare disease continued Nothing is too strange. shy, when we brought a variety of life extraordinary as if done by the spirits of natural beauty and incomparable to us, also has a very rare disease in the human population after the strange disease, bring the Siamese people to introduce to you yesterday. This time we come to understand is a rare disease, it sounds very cool but also slightly shy, but in itself is hardly wished to live. persistent sexual arousal disorder, let us into the understanding. Persistent sexual arousal syndrome, Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome, referred to as PSAS, is a little-known female sexual physiology. Patients in the absence of any external stimulation or sexual needs of the case, the continuous and involuntarily excited reproductive organs, or even to achieve multiple orgasms. Under normal circumstances, with high excitement disappeared after the climax, the function of the human body will enter the rest and repair mode, but people suffering from this state of excitement, but not necessarily with orgasm hours, the feeling of excitement in a short time after recovery. Some patients may feel lasted for many days to a few weeks without fading, daily life of general affairs (such as travel) are likely to induce symptoms, patients with serious impact on daily life. The excitement is essential in life, but if a long time in the excited state, will be difficult to focus attention, impact on the daily lives of the self-evident, but if it is in the public, the reproductive organs excited continuously even automatically reach a climax, that picture…… The causes of persistent sexual arousal syndrome: nerve compression abnormal blood circulation around blood vessels connecting the pelvic reproductive organs of the reproductive organs disorders who had taken to the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor antidepressants cause physiological changes, such as surgery. Persistent sexual arousal syndrome symptoms: genital automatic congestion and swelling of the excited state of persistent sexual arousal syndrome with: not much about persistent sexual arousal syndrome information and medical research, the cause has yet to be confirmed, to be sure, sexuality and sexual persistent sexual arousal syndrome and abnormal unrelated. For patients with persistent sexual arousal syndrome, the treatment is often more psychological impact than physiological effects. Examples of persistent sexual arousal syndrome: in December 4, 2012, 39 year old American woman Gretchen (Gretchen Molannen) due to unbearable persistent sexual arousal disorder, recently in Florida state home committed suicide. According to reports, Gretchen had persistent sexual arousal in more than 10 years. People suffering from the disease in the absence of any external stimulation or sexual needs, can’t help feel genital excitement, sometimes even multiple orgasms, only through hours of masturbation, the symptoms can be alleviated. If you do not have medication, sometimes experienced 50 consecutive orgasms. That she hardly wished to live. The treatment of persistent sexual arousal syndrome: at present, the treatment of persistent sexual arousal syndrome mainly uses narcotic drugs and electric shock therapy.相关的主题文章: