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Arts-and-Entertainment Katy Perry is a young and extremely talented music artist who has created ripples across the world. Her music albums include I kissed a Girl and Ur so Gay have topped music charts a couple of times over. Her acting talent has .e to fore on account of her appearances in How I Met Your Mother, a widely watched US TV show, the Simpsons and a stint on the Sesame Street. These shows have done their bit to popularize Katy Perry as well. Katy has been introduced to the world of music at a very young age. As a child she used to sing for the church. She has also been trained by country musicians in playing guitar and even in writing songs. Katy Perry was also interested in the Italian opera for a brief period. She entered the world of music by launching her debut album One of the Boys and the video of her music album Ur So Gay was released online which made her known to music lovers through the Internet as well. I Kissed A Girl was her official lead solo song which got her great reviews. In order to promote her music, she had to tour extensively all over the world making her concerts eagerly awaited upon by her fans worldwide. With most music channels airing her songs and videos all day long, it .es as no surprise that Katy Perrys popularity has reached great heights. She has been nominated in Best New Artist and Best Female Video in 2008 MTV Video Music Awards which prove her popularity amongst the youth. Meanwhile her fans can look out for the California Dreams Tour 2011 which is scheduled to promote her third studio album Teenage Dreams. Katy Perry will perform all over Europe, Asia and Oceania at various locations. She is also scheduled to hold concerts in North America during the summer of 2011. With Katy Perry tickets available online, buying them easy as well as convenient. Make sure you check out her concert venues well in advance before you buy tickets. In fact, you could even travel to a particular city and attend the concert live over there for she is performing in top European cities of Milan, Zurich, Vienna, Berlin, London, Dublin, Paris, Brussels and many more Buying tickets online is a convenient and preferred way for getting music tickets without much effort. You only need to make sure you book your tickets from a reliable website which is known for dealing with genuine tickets while offering valuable customer support and service. Do make it a point to watch Katy Perry perform live and hear the singing phenomenon live marked with an enviable stage aura and presence, she sure to make many a hearts flutter. For more information visit: Katy Perry tickets By: businesssolution93 – Costa Rica Corporation Lawyers are experts on maintaining, and assisting in the operations of Costa Rica Corporations. We have created this site to assist in educating persons interested in creating Costa Rica operations and forming businesses here. 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