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Beauty It’s a well known fact that the sea covers two-thirds of the earth’s surface. In fact if you approached our planet from space directly above the centre of the Pacific, you could be forgiven for thinking that earth was almost entirely covered in blue water, such is the size of this one ocean. The oceans of the world are so voluminous and hostile that it is said that we know more about outer space than we do about the deepest and most remote parts of the seas, and it’s a claim that holds up well. When we send a new mission down into an uncharted section of the sea, we discover new plants and animals. Because the oceans are do huge and inaccessible, we still have a lot to learn about them, but even given what we already know, there’s a wealth of cosmetic and relaxing options down there. One of the fundamental elements of life on earth is algae. It is a group of species so widespread and successful that it is the source of over one third of the new oxygen produced on our planet, which is about the same output as all the rainforests combined. Marine algae is incredibly rich in minerals as it lives in the sea, an environment that is home to just about every substance or element we know about so far. The algae family ranges in complexity from relatively simple single-celled organisms to what we know as seaweed. Algae also plays an important part in the nutrition of other creatures, forming the staple diet of the simple animals such as krill that go on to feed creatures as enormous as whales. Many believe that algae may well have been the first forms of life on earth. These simple facts say something important about the sheer amount of energy and goodness trapped in the structure of algae. And it’s something that has been known to people who live alongside the oceans for millennia. As well as being a food in itself, algae has been used to create cosmetic products and trusted remedies. It is only in recent years that all this new information and knowledge has been used to create retail cosmetic products. One producer that has jumped into this expanding and exciting market is Thalgo, founded in 1964 in France by a scientist who was researching the health benefits of algae. Nearly 50 years later the business is still thriving, with offices all across Europe but outlets all over the world. Its products cover a wide spread of applications from nutritional supplements to creams and moisturisers for both men and women. With such a huge potential given by seas across the world, the list of products will no doubt continue to develop as new forms of algae are discovered. It is extraordinary to think of the sheer number and diversity of these species, evolved over billions of years to thrive in some of the most difficult circumstances the planet has to offer. And as we are only just beginning to develop the means of discovering and extracting these life-giving properties, we could be about to enter a golden age of cosmetic and health benefits from deep below the waves. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: