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UnCategorized I recently had to make a long car journey. Nothing strange about that but it was the first long journey I have made with both my young children in the back barking instructions at me, or at least that’s how it seemed. I’d never given much thought to car entertainment before but I found that I was reluctantly forced into the situation. Being a middle aged man I’d forgotten all the long journeys, holidays and trips to distant relatives, that I’d been part of as a boy. Maybe the trauma had led me to block them out, maybe I’d just never had to recall them since, whatever the reason I found myself racking my brains during the days before our journey trying to remember how me and my sister used to occupy our time in the back seat as dad drove, sometimes through the night, to our destination. In the 1970s, as I recall, car entertainment consisted of reading books and drawing pictures. There were no fancy gimmicks or expensive gadgetry to keep us quite. I found myself repeatedly mouthing the words, ‘We made our own entertainment when I was a kid’, much to the dismay of my wife who had to remind me that I wasn’t a product of the baby boom before I started to hark back to rationing and condensed milk sandwiches. But I did stand firm in my belief that car entertainment 20 or 30 years ago consisted of simple pleasures that cost very little and worked, didn’t they? With a bit more thought I began to recall the arguments and fights that ensued on a regular basis between me and my sister as we got increasingly bored in the back of the car. As the past started to emerge from the fog of my mind I began to realise that car entertainment, rather than resembling a cross between a kids sedate book club and Take Hart (70’s TV painting programme for kids, ask your dad) our trips in the car were more akin to wrestling matches punctuated by the words, ‘Are we there yet?’ I started to panic. Would my nostalgic idea of car entertainment be enough for my two girls? Would the adventures of Mr Messy and his friends see me through the 350 mile trek across the country? Would some pencils and a brand new drawing book ensure that war didn’t break out? When I asked myself these questions I was hoping the answer would be yes but if I was being realistic I knew that I’d have to do better than that. I had 21st century children, I had to start thinking like a 21st century dad. As I started looking into what new gadgets were on the market and what constituted car entertainment today I was amazed. I Spy has been superceeded by a range of music systems, DVD players and .puter games. The variety of things on the market was so huge that I spent hours just reading all the features on some of the products. Would my girls appreciate the sub woofer that .es with the latest car stereo that can play MP3 files and also has a docking device for my iPod? Probably not. Or maybe they’d prefer the DVD player that attached to the headrest and .es with wireless headphones? Maybe they’re a little young for that. Then I found it; a piece of software that works on a Sat Nav or PDA and can pinpoint over 6,000 sites in the UK that have appeared in movies. Perfect I thought, giving little thought to the initial problem of keeping the kids quiet. Now I just have to find an excuse to drive to Cornwall via North Yorkshire where Harry Potter was filmed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: