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Arts-and-Entertainment How times they are a changing when it comes to the television. Over recent years we’ve had new products and delivery systems almost constantly changing. The box or the basic television set has changed from a relatively small unit to a huge box using a CRT or tube. We have seen the shape of the TV picture change from a 4:3 format to a 16:9 format which has made watching the widescreen movies a better experience. In more recent times we’ve seen the introduction of the flat screen or the flat screen plasma and flat screen LCD televisions which are still bulky but a lot less likely to damage your health than the larger CRT based units. Over similar periods we’ve seen the introduction of the DVD and now the new Blu-Ray devices. The point of mentioning the above is to illustrate how many changes there have been and it is of no surprise that the debates about the best TV systems will continue. The current debates evolve due to two key developments. The first point is the concept of digital television and the second is the concept of High Definition Television or HDTV and both really are sort of packaged together. HDTV screens provide a lot more detail to the picture and high quality sound. The larger the screen the more desirable it is to have a high definition set. Once you’ve established that you want to buy an HDTV or already have one then the next question is how you get the best range of broadcast services at the best value for money. As you can imagine, or already found out, this previous question is complex and rapidly changing. This assumption overlooks the possibility of accessing free to air high definition transmissions. At the time of writing I understand ATI in addition to their existing ATI TV Wonder PCI cards have recently released a product called ATI HDTV Wonder which is available in the USA. This brings HDTV to the PC. The following are probably the most commonly available HDTV solutions are:- O – Cable HDTV or HDTV Cable – available via the traditional cable distributors. At the time of writing it is widely accepted that this does not generally provide the best range of services and value. There are, of course exceptions, and if you find a local cable supplier that meets your exact requirements then great. O – Satellite HDTV or HDTV Satellite – this is a great way to get the product because once a new channel is added then everyone gets access via the satellite. Dish network (sometimes seen as dishnetwork or just dish TV) is the largest national provider in North America and DirecTV trailing somewhat behind. Sky satellite is the only large commercial supplier in the UK. Satellite HDTV is received by use of a satellite dish and satellite receiver box. There are free satellite TV broadcasts but these are generally for the less popular channels. O – HDTV via the internet and loaded to a computer. Satellite TV to PC and My New Satellite TV are 2 of the leading products capable of delivering literally thousands of TV channels that have initially been distributed by satellite. Whatever your choice today then as sure as we can be there will be further developments just around the corner. It’s always worth reading the up to date HDTV reviews and finding any HDTV FAQ or FAQ HDTV page to get the latest information before spending your well earned money on the best HDTV you can afford. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: