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Arts-and-Entertainment As mothers, we all want our children to grow-up into loving .passionate human beings, especially our daughters. We wish and hope to see a friendly, caring and nurturing woman in her, when she grows up. But in today’s rushing life we often find it difficult to bond with our growing daughters in the most meaningful manner. In this age of adolescence she might be busy with her own life, with her gadgets, her friends or her study assignments. She may also find it a little difficult to talk to you and share her girlhood at times. Let’s face it, certain bonds do not happen naturally, we need to work on them because she needs a friend , a guide at home who can help her fly through life with ease. Hence you need to take out time amidst your chores, your profession, family etc and invest in this precious relationship with your daughter. You being an adult can understand and take appropriate steps accordingly to nurture the bond. To water it and let it grow into a full blooming tree. Here are a few things that you may like to do to enhance on your bond with your daughter: Scheduling Time Mark suitable time in your schedule that you can spend with your daughter without any stress of work or anything else. Pick a day of the week that you think is relatively free for both of you, like Sundays or Saturday Evenings. Make sure you dedicate all this time to her and only her without any distractions. If you drive, you can take her for a pleasant drive. Summers are approaching and so are vacations from schools. This is the best time to start with this step. Find out her interests Make time to find out about your girl’s likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests. If you will know them, you will be able to suggest her things that can help you two to enhance the bond. Look into the things she keeps herself busy with. If she loves to read, try finding out what she loves to read and suggest books accordingly, still better, gift her some good books. If she is into TV, see what kind of programmes interest her, suggest some good TV viewing and sit down to watch her favourite shows with her, only if she likes the idea and does not take it as prying. A liking for a particular kind of sport can help you to organise a play time with her. Go shopping together Take her out for some girlie shopping. Give her the liberty to choose apparels, shoes or accessories for herself. Make her feel that you accept and appreciate her choice, but do not hesitate to give her direction if you find her going wrong with her choice. Do give appropriate reasoning for it, in a calm manner. Cook a recipe together Kitchen is the best place to nurture relationships. Take out time to cook an interesting recipe that she would love to serve and eat too. Guide her through the process while she takes the charge. Let her make a mess. Encourage her and make her feel proud of her creation. Praise what she cooked. Help her with her assignments. If you are academically proficient to do so, help her with her school assignments, while making it a fun task rather than a boring routine. Let her sail through these mundane hours (as we often find them as) with a smile and utmost ease. Go for a movie together If your daughter likes to go out for movies, book a show for just you two and enjoy the movie time together. Discuss the movie with her on the way back. Ask her about her favourite parts of the movie. This will help you to know her psychological bends. Encourage her to give a fair review of the movie, the way she interprets it. Invite her friends for a meal Make sure to invite your daughter’s close friends for a get-together at home. Let them spend a leisure time together while you pamper them with some home-cooked meals. Do not be too much among them while they do their stuff, talk and giggle. Just let them be on their own after you have served. See a big smile on your daughters face; the happiness that she would feel for the way you treated her friends. Most importantly Listen Not only should your daughter listen to you, but you must listen to her as well. If you don’t, she’ll think its okay to not to pay attention. Hence it is a must that you lend a .passionate ear whenever she .es to you with her teenage issues or any other fun happenings during her day. To listen stop what you are doing to look at her. Have good eye contact with each other so you can listen. To show that you are listening, ask her questions that you have. Last but not the least, have faith in your girl, display .plete trust in her. Make her feel loved, respected and appreciated and watch her grow into a healthy, happy, responsible and beautiful woman. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: