The New Trend In The Future, The 3d Display Projection Technology In 3 Lcd-naughty怎么读

Arts-and-Entertainment Two years ago, when the DLP have gained ground in 3 d display technology, 3 LCD only hope helplessly. Due to the technical characteristics of the reason, 3LCD technology was still unable to achieve 3D display function. But the 3D technology in the market is so hot, have 3LCD technology vendors do not sit. Reportedly, the current 3D projector not only in the domestic market are wel.e, the market in the industry also began extensive application of 3D technology. Cooperate with the medical colleges and universities, .mon development medical 3 d image teaching system. Through the high-definition of 3 d picture, students can more truly to watch live anatomical surgery; can greatly improve the effect of teaching. At the same time in aerial and satellite remote sensing etc, the application of 3 d technology, also can greatly help the reading and sentenced to the authenticity of the diagram. At the time, 3 LCD technologies is unable to realize 3 d display, the main reason is the unable to realize can satisfy the 3 d display refresh rate. Then, Epson introduced a liquid crystal reflex projection technology, LCD panel refresh rate the ascent to 480 Hz, higher refresh rate is realized by 3 d display technology. Epson launched in 2011 of EH-TW9500C, EH-TW8500C two high-end home theater projectors, with 3D display function, the flagship model EH-TW9500C, in order to cope with the refresh rate substantially increase brightness attenuation will reduce the viewing experience problems, Epson product brightness to 2400 lumens, when viewing a 3D picture, brightness almost not attenuation. Support for the 2D 3D function, not only that, in order to further enhance the image texture, this product is also equipped with Epson dynamic aperture technology, dynamic contrast ratio is up to 2000001 level, achieve the best viewing experience. In addition, and Epson stood on a front of the Panasonic, in 2012 also introduced a new 3D PT-AE7000U 1080p projector, the machine is 2000 lumen brightness, contrast up to 3000001.In the technical aspects of 3D, PT-AE7000U Panasonic projector LCD panel refresh rate can reach 480Hz, and it also supports 2D 3D function, which provides 5 optional 3D effect model. Powerful and exciting. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: