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To start with, the word chakra itself means wheel, or vortex in Sanskrit. There are seven main chakras in our body. They are usually said to be energy centers that keeps the flow of energy running in your system. If one or more of these are out of balance, the flow of energy will be.e out of balance too, resulting in problems both mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Maybe you have heard some time that we have more than the physical body like the mind, karma wisdom and bliss body. According to most gurus the chakras are located in the so called pranic body or energy body. Connecting the bodies and chakras are the energy channels called nadis. So every body is connected and the chakras play a vital role in keeping all the bodies healthy. If they are, the latent spiritual energy known as kundalini will flow through the energy centers making them vibrant. In the physical body, each of the seven chakras are connected to one of the seven endocrine glands and a group of nerves known as the plexus. Each gland has a vital role on controlling a particular function in the body so each chakra can be related to a particular part of the body. Your perceptions and senses , which can be divided into one category per chakra, affects how you experience reality and therefore affects your state of awareness. In this way the chakras are also is vital in what state of consciousness you are in. Like a glass that will start vibrating from a precise tone, the chakras can be balanced by using the correct sound through your voice. The seven chakras Location and function Firstly, there are usually two traditions in explaining the chakra locations. Each one is slightly different, but they both work fine. There are more than seven energy centers but we say seven because these are the seven main ones. The ones Im now going to list are usually from the Indian tradition and the way I was learned. Like a glass that will start vibrating from a precise tone, the chakras can be balanced by using the correct sound through your voice. I will also list these sounds, or mantras. They also each correspond to an element. 1: Mooladhara Location: Perineum (midway between the genitals and the anus) Element: Earth Importance: Stability. The base for awakening kundalini. Related organs: Kidneys and bladder. Mantra: Lang. Utter LA and let the sound resonate on ng. Like: LAAnnnngggg. Like the sound you get when softly striking a bell. The same pronunciation technique for mantras 1-5 2: Swadhishtana Location: Genital region Element: Water Importance: Increased self control and sensitivity. Related organs: Uterus, testis, prostate and large intestine. Mantra: Vang. Utter VA and let the sound resonate on ng. Like: LAAnnnngggg 3: Manipura Location: At the navel Element: Fire Importance: Awakens intensity and passion, essential for sound health and physical power. Related organs: Stomach, liver, spleen and small intestine. Mantra: Rang 4: Anahata Location: At the center of the chest. Element: Air. Importance: Center of feeling, love and .passion. Related organs: Heart Mantra: Yang 5: Vishuddhi Location: At the Adams apple in the throat. Element: Cosmos (space). Importance: Evokes surrender, sacredness, opens up the mystical dimension. Related organs: Throat, lungs. Mantra: Hang 6: Ajneya Location: At the eye brow center. Third eye. Element: Ether Importance: Centre where the solar and lunar energies synchronize, essential for the flowering of intelligence and awareness, increases memory and concentration. Wisdom. Inner vision. Sixth sense. Related organs: Eyes Mantra: Aum. Let the A be about 2/3 of the sound and um (pronounced like om) the last third. Like this: Aaaaaaaauumm. 7: Sahasrara Location: Crown of the head Element: The inner light, the white light, cosmic energy. Importance: Flowering of this chakra leads to a state of .plete union with the cosmic consciousness of enlightenment.. Related organs: Brain Mantra: Ogum Sathyam om. Pronounce something like this: OoGumm Saatiamm Ooooomm. Dont force it There are many ways to balance the chakras. Some people wanting the kundalini to awaken so that they will experience altered states of consciousness, try out techniques that can be dangerous, trying to force the kundalini up the spine through the chakras. If you want to do any exercise to balance the chakras. Dont overdo it. Do the exercise once and see how it feels. The Chakra dhyana technique This is a technique to balance your chakras by focusing in them, one at a time and chanting their mantras. Instructions: Sit .fortably either on a chair or cross legged. You can also use the lotus or half lotus position if you have used this position before and are .fortable with it. Relax. (Optionable: Touch the base line of the thumb with the top of your index finger. Have palms facing skywards near the knees). Focus on the location of the first chakra with eyes closed. Breath in and on the out breath you utter the corresponding mantra. You chant the mantra seven times, once per breath. Non strained, relaxed breaths, while keeping focus on the location of the chakra. Move on to the next chakra and do the same for all seven of them. How to pronounce the mantras is described above, but it wont spoil the meditation if you say them slightly wrong. Dont worry about that. When you are done, I re.mend that you lie down and relax for a while, as long or short as you feel like. You can do this exercise maximum once per day. A few times per week, month or whenever you feel out of balance and need to settle down and get into balance. 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