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Business There has been a lot of talk about "client attraction" in internet marketing circles for some time. And without clients you don’t have a business. In fact, it’s be.e somewhat of a "niche" within IM (much like email marketing, viral marketing, article marketing, etc.) with many articles, reports and products devoted to the topic. Most entrepreneurs want to jump right in when it .es to finding more clients. Does your .pany have a solid foundation? My guess is that there are basic foundational strategies that you have not taken advantage of. Take This Simple 4-Question Quiz to Discover Exactly How strong you’re foundation is for Your business. 1. Do I have the experience and education I need? What are the tools of your trade? Have you kept up with the times. Today it’s a smart business owner knows that training and education is not a one shot deal but a continuous process. We have all seen how quickly things change and life is not likely to slow down in the future. Whatever your business is it’s likely to take some skill to be successful. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t be too .fortable with a doctor who never read a book or article after they graduated medical school. We expect our doctor to keep up with the current changes and your clients expect you to do the same. 2. Am I practicing my craft? After training put into practice what you’ve learned. Have you heard the expression: Practice makes perfect. I’m more likely to say; practice makes improvement. I can’t imagine a doctor reading about an operation in their medical book and going into the operating room without practicing. Just like the doctor, architect, or roofer who practices thier craft so they can build their business and provide the best service they know how, an entrepreneur who wants to attract just the right clients need to practice their skills until they be.e second nature to them. If you found yourself not consistently building a solid foundation, you are not alone. This is a biggie. You can have all the techniques (there are thousands of them) to attract more clients but without a strong and deep foundation to make sure your business is anchored properly and can support itself, you will find attracting clients more difficult than it needs to be. Are you aware of ways you can use other business models to in your own business. If not, I urge you to keep your eyes (& ears) wide open. I encourage you to spend the next week observing the way other successful businesses attract clients and keep an open mind as to how you can use what they use in your business. Put away your preconceived notions, and think outside the box. 3. Am I working as hard as I need to? There is no two ways about it successful entrepreneurs work hard. Roll up your sleeves sweat-of-the-brow kind of work. Focusing on critical customer attraction activities helps you to know exactly what you need to do so you’re working hard and smart. a. Set Goals b. Create Your Action Plan c. Implement Your Plan d. Celebrate your Success. So let me ask you this. What is ONE new client worth to you. How about one new client a month. Never underestimate the power of one. Finding ideal clients does require hard work, dedication and a plan of action and well worth the effort. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: