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Business An excellent way to build a massive list is to create a free membership site, where you give away quality products in exchange for their subscription. However, it is not enough that you create it; the more crucial aspect is in traffic generation. You need to do some heavy promotions so that people can visit your membership site and be.e members. Heres some amazing list building techniques to get an avalanche of potential subscribers to your site. Put an opt-in form on every webpage. Youll never know which of your webpages your visitors will .e across, so its best to put your opt-in form on all applicable webpages for maximum exposure. You may either put a non-distractive, benefit-laden opt-in form in the webpage itself; or you may use an exit pop-up. Get a reliable autoresponder or membership site management software. Dont settle for a free autoresponder or membership management software if youre serious about your business. If you use a low quality free autoresponder or software, you might encounter technical problems and defective functions. You might also have a difficult time asking your present list to re-subscribe again when you transferred to a paid one. Some membership software allow you to import your list, but some paid autoresponder services require your present subscribers to confirm their subscription again. With this additional step, you stand to lose many of your present members. Optimize your site for the search engines. SEO is a broad topic. Basically, putting your targeted keywords in places like the title tags, headings (H1, H2, etc.), domain name, etc. can help boost your search engine rankings for your chosen keywords. Having your keyword in the anchored text linking back to your site would also be a big plus. For more SEO techniques, simply search seo tips or seo techniques in google. Join giveaways. This is how it works: The organizer and his partners each contribute a product(s) for the giveaway event. Then each of them promotes the giveaway to their individual subscribers. Each contributor gets to leverage from the list of all the other marketers. Every product contribution will therefore get exposure from all the contributors subscribers. Give 100% .missions to your JV partners and affiliates. You might not get immediate profits, but youll build a subscriber and customer list; plus, you may set up an OTO or upsell where your JV partners and you get to share in the earnings. Do ad swaps. Ask other marketers if you can promote their squeeze page to your members in exchange for them promoting yours. Each marketer has the potential to have thousands of subscribers, so you can just imagine how many new members you can get if youre able to invite just a few of them. You can still do an ad swap even if your number of members might not be equal to the other marketers. For example, if he has around 4000 subscribers and you only got around 2000, you can promote his squeeze page twice while he promotes yours once. Advertise in ezines and newsletters. Ezine publishers have already gained the trust of their subscribers and have established their credibility with their list. Use this to your advantage. Pay ezine publishers one time to have them promote your site. You get permanent members (or until they cancel) for a one-time fee to the ezine publisher. Now you can email your list as many times as you like. Write articles and submit them to the top article directories. In your resource box, you may bribe them with quality products, which they can get by joining your site. Just remember to write an interest-grabbing or controversial article so they can read the article all the way down to your resource box. Put your website url in your business card, signature files in forums and outgoing emails. Dont waste that valuable space below your name. Invite people to join your free membership site and download high quality products at no cost. Give away rebranded ebooks. Inside the ebook, you could put a note inviting the reader to join your membership site. Upload it in ebook directories. You may also ask JV partners and affiliates to rebrand that ebook with their own affiliate link and website details before giving it away, so theyll be enticed to share it with others. Do teleseminars. Interview an expert. You and the expert will then tell both of your lists to register on your site to get access to the interview. The advantage of this is that you get new subscribers from the expert and the experts credibility might rub off on you. As a token of appreciation, give the recorded teleseminar as a product to the expert. Give him resell or giveaway rights to the recorded teleseminar. Theres no doubt that list building should be a vital part of your internet marketing activities. Follow the list building techniques above and you can be assured of a nice flow of in.e for a long time to .e. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: