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Internet-Marketing Time has changed a lot and with the time, knowledge and facilities have changed too. Few years ago very few people knew about the usage of internet, but today the use of internet very easy and well known to everyone. Internet has be.e the easy way to discover your old buddies and connect with them. In last few years, social networking sites have be.e an important of our lives. And the services which are provided by these sites are so good that maximum social networking websites are surf by people on websites on an average. Twitter and twitter applications are one of the examples of social networking website amongst so many sites. It is no wonder why millions of people enjoy social networking. Social networking allows people to share information easily and in some cases, very quickly. Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows us to send short messages of 140 characters. These updates, known as tweets, are text-based messages that can be sent from a mobile device. Like SMS, twitter has up to 140 characters message in length. These messages are also sent to everyone who subscribed to receive our updates. In turn, we too can receive updates from others. Twitter was launched in 2006, at that time .petition was very high applications like Orkut etc. was already in the market but still twitter made its individual position in the market. In beginning it was estimated that twitter had approximately 3-4 million users and it was on third position as social networking service after Facebook and MySpace. But recently this year in February 2009, the monthly traffic on twitter was around 55 million which was a huge success. Twitter applications are also making its different position in the market. People are pretty much happy with the twitter applications and twitter. Various facilities provide by the twitter applications which other social networking websites do not provide. It is not difficult to understand why Twitter is so popular. Apart from its simplicity, Twitter also provides users with the option to send or receive tweets via SMS, RSS, or through various twitter applications. Twitter also provides back-end functionality via APIs that can be implemented in other desktop and web-based applications. This lets users make updates without having to visit the actual Twitter site. With the personal use twitter is also used in business. There are various twitter applications which are used in business. It can be used to widespread latest information of your .pany. From .panys latest news to blog posts. It can also enable easy internal group .munication, feedback and collaboration. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: