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Advertising In an article for Fire Engineering Magazine, Frank Viscuso discusses 8 steps to increase morale in the fire service. Viscuso is an author, professional speaker, Firefighter Chief, FMBA member and successful entrepreneur. He is also an expert at team-building. Here is a brief excerpt from his article where he talks about the first step a leader should take to increase the morale of a team. This step, as well as the other seven, holds just as much weight in corporate America or your personal life as it does in the fire service. Step one: PRAISE OFTEN AND IN PUBLIC Its okay to catch firefighters doing the right thing, and when you do, its also okay to let them know. Your words make a difference. Outside of financial security, one of the biggest reasons why an individual takes on a job is for recognition. Hearing the words, You did a great job.or That was a nice stop. can mean more to a firefighter than you think, especially when those words are spoken in the presence of others who overhear the .pliment. When a firefighter performs well, tell them so that everyone knows what was done correctly and they too can strive to ac.plish similar tasks. When criticism is in order, it should be done in private. Dont be fooled by the term constructive criticism because even firefighters who sincerely ask for constructive criticism are secretly looking for and hoping for praise. As a leader it takes energy and .mitment to deliver consistent uplifting service, but dont ever forget that when it .es to success in the fire service, praise is the spark that lights the fire. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: