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   G-III Apparel Group, Ltd. (“G-III") traces its roots back to 1956 when Aron Goldfarb, a Holocaust survivor, immigrated to the United States and established his own outerwear company located in the heart of New York City’s Garment District. As early as 1972, G-III began to diversify its offerings, when Morris Goldfarb, its current Chief Executive Officer and son of its founder, joined G-III. Morris introduced an entrepreneurial spirit to G-III which has propelled the company for more than forty years. Almost immediately, G-III expanded its sourcing, becoming one of the first companies to import outerwear from South Korea. This established a strong connection between G-III and the Pacific Rim manufacturing zone, which remains intact today. In 1981, G-III began expanding by launching its first division, Siena Leather Limited, an aspirational luxury leather sportswear company that catered to high-end department stores. In 1989, G-III became publicly traded and began intensifying its expansion efforts.The early 1990’s was a period of rapid growth for G-III as it worked to broaden its outerwear offerings. Beginning with the Colebrook & Co. label, G-III launched a textile outerwear collection. In addition, G-III began manufacturing men’s outerwear, also under the Colebrook & Co. label. In order to further G-III’s reach, it started producing licensed merchandise for the National Football League through a partnership with two-time Super Bowl champion linebacker, Carl Banks. When G-III recognized the consumer’s preference for name brands, the Company began partnering with nationally recognized brands such as Kenneth Cole, Jones New York, Nine West and Cole Haan to produce branded outerwear under license agreements. By partnering with these national brands, G-III altered the landscape of how outerwear was marketed and sold in department stores in the United States.