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Pay a "desolate spirit room" whirlwind acting first big screen works to women – Sohu – Sohu Su Xiaoming entertainment to pay gold entertainment news recently, by 85 young director Liu Shuqiao, Zhang Yishan, Su Xiaoming, Sun Yan, Fu starred in the suspense thriller "desolate soul room" the film side exposed a group of "breath" edition still, still in doubt, people can not help but fall into a reverie. It is reported that the "desolate spirit room" tells the story of a strange and turning in a dilemma story, pay gold star Zhang Yishan, and partner of strength to send the old play bone Su Xiaoming, the first interpretation of suspense thriller film roles, set the action, affection, love and other elements and the perfect fusion of horror. "Little meat combination" and "old play bone" and make the film more than a heavy look, it is reported that the film "room" desolate soul in December 9th will be released nationwide. For Zhang Yishan the three relations doubts fans of the smile was like acting as paying gold star’s first big screen works, the 90 strength flowers show their solid performance skills and professional strength. Stills and pay the gold box to play the same old play bone teacher Su Xiaoming, two people sitting on the sofa arm are mutually staggered, a common look outside the lens, the face also exposed many of the smile is the heart of horror; in addition, pay in gold alone still suffering from the shock of the polygonal mirror three-dimensional space, the audience really difficult find the mirror which is the real original body figure. The exposure of the stills makes users have to plot interested friends said "look forward" psychological "after the crime of acting breakthrough, must support the new cinema". According to staff, as the absolute main female in the play, pay gold of their requirements are very strict, in order to maintain complete filming in a depressed mood, often a day is not how to communicate with people, even to partner Zhang Yishan also ignored, very dedicated attitude is to make the crew the staff praised. Do not take the unusual way of 90 works to usher in the outbreak year pay gold in the second half of this year signed to Shanghai Cheng sub film culture media Co., Ltd., and have excellent performance in director Chen Sicheng’s latest masterpiece "great expectations". Since his debut, pay for their medals each in the works are strict requirements, hope can bring in numerous works of excellence in acting, advanced acting completed. In the next December, will pay gold of "outbreak month", not only for the big screen for the first time to challenge the horror theme, is a common interpretation of a tomb in the Legendary Super Network dramas "ghost chuideng" alongside Jin Dong, Joe Chen, and both show the 90 new generation of actors performing skills of new works. It is understood that the actor in "psychological crime due to pay gold in" fresh and bright national love Chen Xier won the high reputation on performance; then in the "Houhai sea" is not as rebellious girl Ishi Sakurako, and Mr. Zhang Jiayi on the show, solid acting also obtained from praise and recognition. This, to pay gold to annotate their first screen movie "and" spirit room, is looking forward to.相关的主题文章: