The end of the oil price, two even up, min, No. 92 gasoline fell to $5.9 per liter (video) 驯龙高手dm456

Oil prices ended two rising Fujian 92 gasoline fell 5.9 yuan per liter, Fuzhou in September 18, the national development and Reform Commission (Liu Feng) today announced a reduction in oil prices, Fujian Province Price Bureau synchronous adjustment of local gasoline and diesel prices. At 0:00 tomorrow, Fujian Province, 0.13 yuan per liter of gasoline and diesel, the highest retail price of gasoline to return to the $5 times, up to $5.9 per liter. According to the notice of Fujian Provincial Price Bureau, tomorrow at the Fujian province No. 92, the maximum retail price of gasoline from 8030 ton to 7865 yuan, 95 tons; the maximum retail price of gasoline from 8484 ton to 8310 yuan a ton; car No. 0 diesel maximum retail price from 6590 yuan to 6440 yuan adjustment tons tons. After adjustment, 92 gasoline, 95 gasoline, car No. 0 diesel maximum retail price of 5.9 yuan and 6.31 yuan respectively, 5.51 yuan, 0.13 yuan lower than before. The adjustment of the end of the previous two even up, the domestic oil prices in the year of the fourth reduction. According to the general household car fuel tank capacity of 50 liters, fill a box of 92 gasoline will spend 6.5 yuan less money. Xinhua (Xinhua) related to the video: oil prices rose 92 gasoline farewell to return to the "" era >相关的主题文章: