2 year old girl lost at home after the door is now 6 kilometers away from the top of the mountain 5 twoo是什么网站

2 year old girl home lost after 5 days of 6 kilometers outside the top original title: Longyan 2 year old girl home lost after 5 days of 6 kilometers the child was found, the body a little weak child appeared in 6 kilometres from the hill recently, a 2 year old girl in Longyan Liancheng home lost news in the locality, a time relay for many people. 5 days later, a group of 5 workers found a girl near the high voltage tower, about 6 kilometers away. The girl’s family said, so far, still on top of the mountain, a 2 year old girl how to go alone. Police have been involved in the investigation. Girls lost the city relay yesterday to find a reporter to contact the little girl’s father, mr.. They live in Xiang Ping Shang Cun Luo Fang Liancheng County of Longyan city. He said that the baby and grandparents live together, at 6:30 on September 11th or so, she was alone at the door of the road to play, less than half an hour was gone, the family quickly reported to the police. Luo said the child 2.5 years old, height of about 90 cm, wearing red clothes. After the incident, he had a circle of friends, the network platform to spread the news to find the child, many people in Longyan have forwarded, relay search. Liancheng Luofang township police station also launched large-scale search, and the local villagers obtain surveillance, investigation of suspicious vehicles, enable the UAV aerial search, after several days of searching, has yet to find the child. Lost 5 days by 5 workers found the couple non-stop search. September 16th at 10 in the morning, a phone call, said to find a child. Luo said: at the time of the 5 power companies to the maintenance of the Cao Cao high pressure tower, found my child, personally sent back to my home." The child was found in the place, is 6 kilometers away from home under the high-voltage tower. Because the body is frail, the child was sent to the county hospital. Luo also said that the place to find the child at the top of the mountain, a 2 year old girl can not go alone, and separated by many days, if the child did not eat, will not be hungry. How can a child appear on a mountain so far away? Police have been involved in the investigation. Source: Strait network editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章: