Shopping center of west central shopping mall and Hunan Miss Universe Finals held 纪元1701

Miss universe West Plaza Shopping Center Investment Conference and Hunan District Finals held in September 23rd, a hitherto unknown Hunan commercial annual event, held in the West Plaza shopping center. Hundreds of brands and hundreds of representatives from all walks of life gathered together to witness the wealth feast of the city center. TOD model of commercial plastic Changsha weight district pattern "from the West bus station to Xiangjiang District comprehensive transportation hub, this change is not only a name change, also reflects the transformation of city pattern and commercial pattern." West central shopping mall official said. As a commercial operation Changsha first city TOD mode, West Plaza Shopping Center, to achieve the traffic hub and business center, business center, mutual benefit and common prosperity cycle operation mode. The project set the theme department stores, large supermarkets, international cinema, brand catering, leisure culture, health services and other formats in one, not only to meet the travel demand more intercity, become the new world business elite and the surrounding hundreds of thousands of residents in the new consumer destination and fashion. Big businesses gathered in Hunan business reengineering new standard West Plaza Shopping Center, located in the traditional district west station is the most central location, in the planning, hardware upgrades and mature operating strength, to achieve sustained and stable commercial prosperity. West Plaza Shopping Center, the "five unified" management mode, implementation of unified planning, unified business, unified management, unified promotion, unified management, build quality management and service platform for businesses, ensure business continuity. Up to now, the West Center Shopping Plaza has reached a cooperation with nearly a hundred brands. Miss universe stunning back curtain No. 16 He Tingting and prosperous feast No. 13 Zhou Siyuan won the finals runner up and second runner up at night, by the West Plaza shopping center the title of the sixty-fifth session of the Miss World Finals in Hunan, presents a visual gluttonous feast for everyone. The final night of the goddess gathered, graceful posture blew the audience. Hot sexy swimsuit link, impressive figure, charming sultry evening dress; fashion show, it is absolutely amazing, the final winners player born, once a year the Miss Universe Hunan division finals ended.相关的主题文章: