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Yu Shicun: the life of third _ _ culture Tencent.com [Abstract] Verdi once said: "at the age of 20, I only said I; at the age of 30, I said I and Mozart; at the age of 40, I said that Mozart and I; and 50 years later I just said Mozart." This paper from the "one of the world’s history", Yu Shicun, Guangdong people’s publishing house, July 2016 American steel magnate Andrew · Carnegie told myself: "life must have goals, and money is the most bad target. There is no idol worship worse than the worship of wealth." He was immersed in the sea, when he woke up, his change makes him immortal. Ethel met Mikhail · at a friend’s house; the latter Voynich, telling their own revolutionary experience, suddenly all eyes staring at Ethel: "you are in Warsaw in a year of Easter?" Ethel nodded. "Have you ever been to the middle of the street opposite the castle garden?" Ethel was a little surprised. "I was arrested for taking part in revolutionary activities and imprisoned in the castle. Looking at the garden every day in a daze, one day accidentally found you. Later, you will always remain in my memory. I didn’t expect to see you here again." Two years later, Ethel became the Voynich lady, later became the revolutionary hero story writing "gadfly" writer. Verdi said: "when I was 20 years old, I only said that I was 30 years old, I changed to say that I and Mozart; at the age of 40, I said that I and I; and after the age of 50, I only said that the." Verdi, a Italy opera Renaissance representative, Adolf is said to have · source network; Hitler went to a mental hospital visit. He asked a patient if he knew who he was and the patient shook his head. So Hitler proclaimed, "I am Adolf · Hitler, your leader. My power is greater than god!" The patients smiled and looked at him with pity. One of them patted Hitler on the shoulder and said, "Yeah, yeah, when we started to get sick, we were like you." At the age of 39, trenchard turnaround in the fortunes of. He saw young people playing the plane, he was also strongly attracted, decided to learn to fly. Many people do not understand him: "you are 40 years old, but also what risk?" He was later known as "the father of the British Royal Air force". Mrs. Roosevelt Anna · Eleanor young from Bennington College after graduation, want to find a job in the telecommunications industry, her father introduced her to visit the Radio Corporation America chairman general Sal Love. General Sal Love received her warmly and asked, "what kind of job do you want to work here?" Casually." She answered. "We don’t have a" casual "job," said the general, "the road to success is paved with goals!" No good impression of what Watson’s father ran IBM. When I was a child, I visited the factory, the most profound impression is the thick smoke, noise and pungent taste of metal. In 1937, Watson sold to the IBM school, up two years to the end of the school. Watson became the official sales, but)相关的主题文章: