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"If love" began broadcasting on 24 snail "couple detective" line [Abstract] in "Ode to joy" or "Dr. Zhao song and quarrelsome lovers" Xiao Xiao "in the" in love if the snail has turned into a pair of surface cold talk in the mentoring relationship in life and death. Snail truth version of the fire! Wang Kai Wang Ziwen’s murder by dangerous Tencent entertainment adapted from the novel of the same name ding ink urban suspense drama of love "if the snail has love" will be held on October 24th at the Tencent video platform independent broadcast, the TV terminal of APP – aurora will be synchronized HD cloud audiovisual presentation. The play by the penguin film and Film Co produced the midday sun, directed by Zhang Kaizhou, Hou Hongliang, producer Fang Fang featuring Wang Kai, Wang Ziwen Xu Yue, producer, and popular actor starred in. The play continues the consistent "Ding ink sweet love pet hanging" style, tells the story of high cold police captain Ji Bai (Wang Kaishi) and adorable homicide intern Xu Xu (Prince gloze) in the "Mysteries of love", launched the ultimate sweet and extreme dangerous murderer trip. Wang Kai Wang Ziwen again "fried king" infested dog abuse "in the" Ode to joy "or" Dr. Zhao song and quarrelsome lovers "Xiao Xiao" in the "in love if the snail has turned into a pair of surface cold talk in the mentoring relationship in life and death. Unlike the "Ode to joy" in "the quarrelsome lovers", Wang Kai staged a daozhui Wang Ziwen drama, but the Lord Wang Ziwen as "snail" as dull always does not receive the message of love, let netizen and abuse and distressed". Wang Kai played the season in the play as "Captain white Almighty" boyfriend force is quite overwhelmed, yiyanbuge staged Nirvana "snail carrying" — seized Wang Ziwen by the collar, hand carrying her to carry around, domineering. Unexpectedly, Wang Kai repeatedly Tucao at the conference, said that in fact a lot of crew members are not carrying Wang Ziwen, but also personally on-site demonstration. This "sweet kill" aired is estimated to replace "wall boom", as a new generation of her sister posture. 11 years ago from the "autumn" to the first half of the hot "Ode to joy" to the upcoming "if love" "snail, fried king" CP every cooperation to open the "sugar slightly dog" mode. In an interview, Wang Ziwen once said, "when Wang Kai was shot" autumn’s kiss on the big screen has given her, and took a series of men play Wang Kai, when the shooting, but also shy than her. Because two people worked for many times, privately they are very good friends, in order to avoid the gap in the shooting, they also laugh who first laugh will pledge to accept the punishment, it seems drama are a pair of quarrelsome lovers". Wang Kai enjoy the acrobatic action scenes to subvert the image contrast according to the director of open universe staged adorable. "Snail" will be his last love suspense drama, "because this theme is particularly difficult to beat, especially" snail "action, suspense, burning brain degree, grasp the rhythm and other theme completely the same." The play is not only difficult to guide, but also very high requirements for the actor. In Burma shooting, Wang Kai challenges a lot of difficult action, not only in the casino, the train and the fight will take Wang Ziwen out of the window frame, and so on, is the test of Wang Kai.相关的主题文章: