Zhongshan botanical garden, hundreds of thousands of strains of red spider lily bloom tourists take matlab 等高线�

Zhongshan botanical garden plant for hundreds of thousands of tourists take pictures of Clusteramaryllis red spider lily bloom attracted tourists to take a photo of the Zhongshan botanical garden for map as red spider lily people have never heard of, many, but when it comes to Equinox flower or Lycoris radiate, everybody will not unfamiliar. In fact, Lycoris radiate is the red spider lily. Recently, hundreds of thousands of lines for Nanjing red spider lily in Zhongshan botanical garden, delicate and charming flowers attracted people have to take pictures. Modern Express reporter Chen Xiying ZAKER of Nanjing is the ancient festival flower impression, red spider lily most familiar name is Lycoris radiate, there is a name of Equinox flower. There are rumors that the other side of the flower can only be seen in the vicinity of the tomb. In this regard, the Zhongshan botanical garden plant expert Qin Yalong said: "the red spider lily back pot." In fact, in ancient times, because of the flowers red spider lily bright colors, beautiful shape, by the ancients do festivals with flowers." Qin Yalong told Modern Express reporter, the flower called red spider lily, because it looks like the earth like garlic bulb. The red spider lily high survival rate, flower color is beautiful, love is very ancient people. Before and after the Mid Autumn Festival opening, many people will go home when the pot or picking the red spider lily, festival decorations. "As long as the relative damp places, slightly loose a little soil, can grow red spider lily." Qin Yalong said. Although the beautiful but poisonous juice in folklore, the flower of the other side of the flower fragrance, can make people recall the past. The red spider lily is not really such a magical effect? "This is not scientific, take the red flowers red spider lily we now see it, almost no flowers. It is fragrant, fragrant and sweet, but it is not so, the petals are white and red." Qin Yalong said. Red spider lily flowers instead of evocative function, its bulb sap or toxic, if mistakenly touch the mouth, there will be symptoms of nausea and vomiting. Once the juice to the skin sensitive people, there will be swelling and itching phenomenon. So the juice stained hands, it is best to rinse with water as soon as possible." Qin Yalong said. But the red spider lily juice are also non useless, "it can be used to extract underground bulb in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, which is usually what we say in senile dementia. There are some gynecological cancer, red spider lily extract also will play a certain role." Qin Yalong said, "the Chinese medicine will put it underground bulb mash deposited in the affected area." China is its birthplace to say red spider lily alias, many people first reaction is Equinox flower or Lycoris radiate, in fact, these names are imported from Japan. In China, we call the most is spent. "China is the birthplace of the first red spider lily, was later Japanese by shipping back to china. In Japan, Lycoris radiate and the pronunciation of red spider lily is very similar, so back home, the novel is often the name of Lycoris radiate, Equinox flower is in the same way, this is called in japan." Qin Yalong said, in addition to the common red flower red spider lily varieties, red spider lily genus and many other colors, including white, creamy white, milk yellow, straw yellow, pink, yellow, red and red.相关的主题文章: