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BMW in China remodeling "strategic corporate social responsibility" the future development direction of the 2016 BMW travel youth camp practice press conference – guests took "2016 BMW future travel youth camp practice started in Beijing in September 19, 2016, BMW announced a partnership with Chinese CPAFFC issued " BMW future travel youth camp practice " the project for three. Year, aims to encourage the young generation of traffic concern the social issues, and to participate in the trip to solve the imagination and design, so as to promote the communication and dialogue between the parties, to create a more safety, environmental protection and convenient way to travel in the future. This is the BMW corporate social responsibility strategy to "strategic corporate social responsibility" after the upgrade, the first new project launched, that BMW’s corporate social responsibility will be closely combined with the future development direction of enterprise core competence. In fact, since this year many CSR programs of BMW have been in this line of thought under the guidance of strategic upgrades, such as this year "BMW China cultural tour" to achieve a model of innovation, and the "BMW child safety training camp for the first time in the fixed region to establish a museum experience, enhance the continuing influence of the project. 2016 BMW future travel youth camp practice press conference (Chinese) – guests took BMW automobile trade limited company president Dr. Liu Zhi said: "the future travel BMW youth camp practice" represents a new way of thinking of the corporate social responsibility of BMW, we are in the field of corporate social responsibility innovation. We will pay more attention to the use of the enterprise’s influence and core strengths, to undertake corporate social responsibility, to create greater social value." BMW corporate social responsibility strategy with the times BMW group has been pursuing sustainable development strategy, and corporate social responsibility is an important part of sustainable development strategy. Since entering the China market, BMW has initiated and carried out a number of corporate social responsibility projects, among them, BMW children traffic safety training camp "has persisted for 12 years," BMW Chinese cultural tour "has persisted for 10 years, and in 2008 founded the" BMW love fund ", a BMW employee the owner and dealer staff to participate in public welfare activities platform. With the change of social demand, corporate social responsibility also needs to keep pace with the times. In the current city, traffic congestion and air pollution problems are becoming increasingly serious, and new energy vehicles, Internet technology, automatic driving technology and share the economy for people to travel provides a new way of thinking. Under this background, the BMW group to usher in the next 100 years ", put forward the prospects for future travel, put forward the new strategy first" enterprise development blueprint, and thus extend a more clear "strategic corporate social responsibility" direction of development, also make full use of the core competence of BMW’s performance the social responsibility of the enterprise, combined with business expertise and resources to promote social change, long-term and effective solutions for social problems. BMW (Chinese) automobile trade limited company president Dr. Liu Zhi at BMW think CSR activities in those areas is closely related to the core competence of enterprises will create greater social value. Based on a new strategy"相关的主题文章: