Franz this beautiful film was almost mistaken for gay carmex润唇膏

"Franz": this beautiful film was almost mistaken for Gay film "Franz" Tencent (seamouse) entertainment Zhuangao. Francois film "Franz" property, is one of a series of white lies compiled from hundreds of years ago a romantic story. Characters in the play by constantly talking and lying, trying to seek forgiveness and salvation, even unconsciously let hostile nation realize harmonious coexistence. "I’m your son’s best friend in Paris, we went to Le Louvre Museum, his love of MANET, especially a white lie down on the bed of the paintings." A war has just ended, the Frenchman Adrian came to town in Germany, to resolve the ethnic hostility barely local people after they up with the son who died in the battle of Paris in the past. In the property world in black and white and color image lies in constructing reality, Adrian and Franz went to Le Louvre Museum, went straight to the theme of the paintings to manet. Subjective lens is pointing to the artist’s most famous work, "grass lunch", and then shake, fixed in the "suicide" feature. This is a rare Impressionist work between Edward and MANET from 1877 to 1881. A man who seems to have just finished his life, still holding a gun in his hand, half lying on the bed, there are a few pieces of furniture in the screen. Manet skip this field Dutch act is going to jump directly to the scene, there is no narrative content picture after the event, no preaching. It is rare, because in the history of painting category, death and sacrifice, and Dutch act usually associated with idealism or heroism. Why do you want to add this picture to the lies of the French who suddenly visit? Easily throw a riddle. "I was so interested in the truth and transparency that I wanted to make a film about lies. As a student and fan of Mai, I found that when the film forms its own narrative, lies are always beautifully folded. A friend told me that Maurice Rostand is a lie of the drama, the story happened in a war, I began to study, have found the play was adapted into a movie Lubitsch in early 1931, the "kill me" (Broken Lullaby). My first reaction was, "don’t challenge me. How can I go beyond Lubitsch?"" The expression of the creative mind humble in property, he is aware of Lubitsch’s works completely follow the drama, the young Frenchman Adrian view, "the" kill me, also means the beginning that all secrets. "And I decided to use the German woman, who died fiancee Anna’s point of view, this and the audience, didn’t know why the French appeared in the German town, why should Anna fiance tombstone sobbing". Adrian’s German journey, like asking for the adventure trip. Although the war ended, the loss of a large number of young people’s parents, certainly not long ago, the enemy of the French hate. With his handsome appearance, manners and passionate about, let Franz fiancee and parents left the kingdom Guqiu hate accounts. However, to carry our identity, obtain the bigger town…相关的主题文章: