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Eddie Peng and Lin Chaoxian talk about the three degree of cooperation self deprecating "cannot have bottom line" – Beijing Eddie Peng Beijing, September 7 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Xi) 7, the film "the Mekong River action" held a press conference in Beijing, director Lin Chaoxian and producer Liang Fengying, starring Eddie Peng attended the rally. When it comes to work with Eddie Peng three feelings, Dante Lam said jokingly to see each other on a kind of feeling to abuse. In the view of Eddie Peng, director Lin Chaoxian is a "universal", "all his things are Qinliqinwei, it was found that as long as the actor to direct their own emotions, holding the machine started, he is the only one I have ever seen in a director to the actors in the same mood to encourage actors director". Lin Chaoxian and Eddie Peng according to the exposure of Party documentary sources, director Dante Lam worked in the studio was 6 inch centipede bite, Lin Dao to explain at the scene: "I is for Eddie (Eddie Peng) in this one, I try to help him in the other day, the staff and the actors lying on the ground for a long time all right, I’m wearing thick socks just special ‘lucky’ being bitten." Eddie Peng said the director is very hard, to the hospital immediately came back to play a needle to continue to start, to see him so spell, how can we not fight!" In fact, the film "the Mekong River" is the third partner of Lin Chaoxian and Eddie Peng, Dante Lam jokes already don’t like each other, "always tempted to challenge his bottom line, the cooperation several times after the discovery of the people do not have the bottom line, to try to hold down his face value". Eddie Peng smiled and responded: "there is no cooperation with the forest guide line, the first shot" hassle "only shorts, second shoot" broken wind "only tights, this time to" the Mekong River action "to see their clothes and there are so many other, especially happy, but did not expect to" destroy "the face." Photo of the conference site, the film side also announced 4 new movie scenes in posters, posters, Zhang Hanyu and Eddie Peng and "God", and "the forest", "water" and even more at the "fire", called the practice "iron man four". When it comes to the big scenes of the film, director Lin Chaoxian said: "I saw a few posters to wake up a lot of memories, when the last scene to shoot all the actors and staff are exhausted. You want to create a gangster film do not in general, must design a complex scene, went to many countries mining scene. In fact, the United States in the film is to shoot the jungle shot, but we want to pursue authenticity, so the scene is a real scene!" Eddie Peng also said frankly: "helicopters and boats are very fast, also have a certain degree of risk, this movie has a lot of experience I had never imagined the action scenes, is a play really hard." In addition to secret scene posters, the film side also announced the first "action action" video footage of the Mekong River, showing the filming process difficult, the severe challenges. Cooperation for the first time to praise Zhang Hanyu, Dante Lam said: "he is really the most miserable, I made a living by action actor, I feel very much!" Eddie Peng said: "brother to not only is the winner, or the song of God, he was in the studio every time)相关的主题文章: