The strange relics of the emperors in the Qing Dynasty 魔界骑士イングリッド

The Qing Dynasty emperor family cultural relics of the Imperial Palace said strange collections, our impression is exquisite, beautiful decoration, very valuable, the one and only…… Yes, it’s the norm for many artifacts. But do you think the emperor’s taste has been so normal? In the Imperial Palace Museum, there are a lot of fashionable, weird collection, here we pick a few pieces to make an introduction for everyone. Grandpa’s grandpa fauteuil chair, called "rosewood carved cloud dragon throne", the mid Qing Dynasty when the throne, rosewood manufacturing, hard seat, side along the eight relief lines, the seat hit wa son waist, relief miscellaneous Po lines. Three legs outside the lines again expanding tooth horseshoe, teeth drooping belly and legs wa Tang, together with carved dragon cloud. You take frames with mud, center lines through the lattice shuangqian. The three seat surface around the seat surface, the middle is slightly high, on both sides of the box to save the heart engraved with decreasing, sea cliff Jiang and cloud dragon, a brain engraved curved edge, embossed stria. This form is tall, imposing, fine carving, only at autopsy aniseed, in order to show this product God show artistic charm. This small emperor fashionable robes of fresh robes, the tag name is "white clouds blue dragon robes with tapestry, collar, cuff Youren, horseshoe end, train four. Stone blue colorful dragon weaving embroidering Yunfu collar, sleeve edge, golden edge, blue pigment silk sleeve, copper plated flower buckle 4. Kyrgyzstan clothing is white, weaving embroidering Blue Dragon 9, between the twelve chapter, decorative longevity, longevity and Yunfu pattern, besides the common flat weaving embroidering techniques, a tapestry tapestry, with tail closure weaving embroidering spray, water line length or weaving embroidering, skillful subtle, good practicability. The three needle technique, elegant color harmony. This is the Qian Long emperor Ji summer clothing robes. A white cloth, ink on the book: "the emperor". Yong Zheng "clay like" this is "like Yong Zheng clay", like this portrait of Yong Zheng and Qing collection is very similar, wearing a thin cheek, Panlong autumn head comb knot hat, braided, white lips, wearing Shiqingyun lines Duijin robes, clothing lines concise and smooth, foot board boots. The original hidden image of Jingshan Hill in the Qing Dynasty ancestor worship Hall of imperial longevity also housed here, Emperor Yong Zheng and other royal utensils, therefore attaches great importance to the Qing Dynasty Royal family like this. This is like the Yangxin hall office from Suzhou recruitment pinch like people made, got admitted to spread so far, is really a rare plastic art. This strange strange bottle bottle, called "rouge red, blue enamel rolling road branch pattern of Acacia bottle, the bottle is double type, handicap, short neck, shoulder, round belly, beam and foot aside slightly. Cover top orb like button. The inner wall of the bottle with turquoise glazed. Rolling process in outer wall decoration, carmine blue, and painted flower pattern. In the long Shi white glaze, blue color material from right to left Department seal "Qing Qianlong" six word. This bottle of elegant, exquisite design, in the archives of the Qing Dynasty palace known as the "bottle of acacia". Rolling process is in the ground with iron enamel color cone draw fine as miniature, like Phoenix shaped flower pattern, new decorative techniques created during Qian Long period. Floral patterns painted in rolling on the ground, with enamelled copper artistic effect. This process is quite complex, in the palace)相关的主题文章: