Mei Mei da! Changsha Wanjiali elevated bridges will wear green clothes 瀬名アスカ

Mei Mei da! Changsha Wanjiali elevated bridges will wear green clothes to the original title: the United States and the United States! Wan Jiali elevated bridges will wear green clothes "three-dimensional green orchard on the overpass can not only effectively reduce dust and noise, but also to bring a green driving in the vicinity of the driver. Changsha evening news reporter Wang Zhiwei photo Changsha palm Changsha evening news September 21st the scorching sun, when we drove by the orchard overpass, Dongtang overpass bridge, always attracted by oncoming green. Recently, Changsha started work including Wanjiali overpass, Yuelu Avenue overpass bridge by using the three-dimensional green, hanging flower box, climbing plants planting ways to decorate the bridge, the bridge column, so as the traffic trunk overpass has not only become the transport hub of the city, the city has also become a beautiful scenery. Reporter yesterday from the municipal tunnel shares group Wanjiali road rapid transformation project department was informed that the project will be at 31 Avenue and two Avenue Changsha large-scale interchange, by planting evergreen climbing plant auxiliary network, plant varieties, ivy plant Ficus pumila, not high, with natural growth, the formation of rich green space level, make it become a vital "green bridge". Weather conditions are expected to start planting in late October when the work is completed in late November. The upcoming Yuelu District bridge overpass three-dimensional green building has 5 seats, respectively, Xiaoxiang road viaduct, Yuelu Moon Lake Avenue Elly Leung Road overpass, Yuelu Avenue, Yuelu Avenue, Lei Feng Road overpass lixiaoliang Avenue overpass, yunqi road cross Hanpu Avenue overpass. The three-dimensional green overpass, bridge bridge column, outside hang box, is expected to start next month. Bridge Tianxin District within the scope of the upcoming greening has two, respectively, Furong Road viaduct and Manglietia cross road across the south of Baisha road viaduct, mainly on both sides of the bridge hanging flower box, planting climbing plants etc.. (Changsha evening news reporter Chen Huanming Intern Du Jiao)相关的主题文章: