Dongfeng East passenger base two completion annual production capacity to 400 thousand vehicl helmet怎么读

Dongfeng East passenger base two completion   annual production capacity to 400 thousand vehicles — Guangxi channel — Dongfeng East passenger base two completion   annual production capacity to 400 thousand cars from – Guangxi channel         15:18 in October 14, 2016 by Dongfeng Liu Dong car base officially completed the two phase of the project (Zhang Honglu photo) in Liuzhou in October 14, (Zhang Honglu) in October 14th, Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile Co. Ltd. with the supplier and dealer at a ceremony held in the newly built workshop, celebrate Liu Dong passenger base two projects completed. This means that the base annual production capacity increased to 400 thousand, so that the popularity of the new development of dongfeng. Automobile industry is one of the pillar industries in Guangxi, one hundred billion yuan, but also focus on supporting industries in Liuzhou. Dongfeng East base, is the Dongfeng the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, according to the deployment of the Dongfeng Motor Corporation, and the enterprise’s own development needs planning and construction. The base includes passenger base, commercial vehicle base, R & D center, engine plant and other projects, covering a total area of about 5300 acres. The first phase of the passenger car base project was completed and put into operation in 2014. The two phase of the project started construction in May 2015, on a project basis, stamping, welding, painting and assembly of four technology build a new production line, improve plant facilities, the new construction area of about 200 thousand square meters, add an annual output of 200 thousand passenger cars production capacity. The total project investment of about 1 billion 230 million yuan, the final formation of Liu Dong passenger base of the annual production capacity of 400 thousand vehicles. Liu Dong passenger base in full accordance with the requirements of the construction of modernization benchmark factory, the leading level in the same industry, the same scale in domestic factories. Seven axis robot automatic stamping production line adopts stamping process; new technology of laser soldering robot used for welding process, welding high strength, stable quality, automation rate is close to 90%; coating by using 3C1B technology, the inside and outside surface of the spraying robot are coarse sealant; assembly process, material conveying automatic car distribution indication system, automation high. In upgrading production capacity at the same time, Dongfeng has also accelerated the pace of upgrading the quality of products. Dongfeng popular car of the joint venture enterprises in the mainstream as a benchmark, in the field of research and develop a special study and catch up with the topic: through the core models benchmarking joint venture enterprises, enhance the product sensory quality, comfort, safety and other key performance; through the platform to enhance the construction level, core assembly research ability, testing level, modular components the level and talent team construction level, and reduce the car of the joint venture enterprises in R & D ability gap. By the end of this year, the sensory quality of Dongfeng popular products, after three months of failure rates and other indicators will be expected to reach the level of joint venture car prices. In addition, Dongfeng and PSA strategic cooperation under the Dongfeng DFMB20 independent engine project, has also been in the Dongfeng Liu Dong base production, for the vigorous development of Dongfeng popular add powerful engine. According to the plan, the next two years, Dongfeng will enter a new round of product outbreak. To be listed in the upcoming S in November相关的主题文章: