In contrast with Nicholas! Cecilia Cheung said don’t like handsome to older carmex润唇膏

In contrast with Nicholas! Cecilia Cheung said don’t like to handsome older Cecilia Cheung bestie is Shen Mengchen? Liu Yan and the king was bestie sweetheart guru Cyndi Wang Sina entertainment news recently, Cecilia Cheung, Liu Yan, Cyndi Wang [micro-blog] [micro-blog] a star in dating appear in the same variety show, why choose on the show and hope with what kind of people are in love views. Cecilia Cheung exposed to the handsome boy without feeling, also don’t like the age than their own small. This standard is completely opposite to her, Nicholas Tse younger than the age of Cecilia Cheung, is also a handsome guy.   Cecilia Cheung: don’t be exposed the ideal type of guy older than me in the face of love, Cecilia Cheung is the queen of style, from Xinxinbaopeng, said as long as the male guests with her together and a day to love yourself. At the same time, she had no sense of exposure to the handsome guy: do not give me what kind of handsome guy, no interest, hate muscle man, really can not stand." When it comes to their ideal type of man, Cecilia Cheung and queen from the second smaller public cite: "must be older than me, so that I can be a princess," the girl heart full answer plus Cecilia Cheung face pink blush, a second incarnation of "little women". Cyndi Wang expressed his love of mature man, I hope the male guests don’t have when compared with fear of copycat, too narcissistic boys, there will be little psychological resistance. The old driver Liu Yan is very experienced, that boys will never mature". Liu Yan, Cyndi Wang. "No one after" pray for why on narcissism straight cancer around such a show, Liu Yan and Cyndi Wang in an interview with reporters, said he was "not wanted", Liu Yan bluntly he is not popular, but Cyndi Wang said he "did not catch". When asked about the idea of love, Liu Yan say: "a lot of people are worried that I was not ever missed marriage or love, but in my opinion, love will come at any stage." Cyndi Wang also firmly said: "if I would love to hesitate, I still believe in love, believe the feeling." No one actually chasing the goddess? Is it because they are too particular about men? In addition to the requirements of a certain age than their large, Cecilia Cheung as long as the male guests "to know how to get along with OK" requirements is not high; Liu Yan is hoping to meet a man are planning on everything, in addition, Liu Yan said he hate straight cancer! Think straight cancer is terrible "; Cyndi Wang said the pursuit of a more comfortable state of love, hope the male guests not too childish, the best is a humorous person. (commissioning editor: Gong Mo Wu)相关的主题文章: