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Sichuan Province in the global promotion activities caused by the enthusiastic response – Sichuan channel — original title: Sichuan province global promotion activities caused by the enthusiastic response "open Chinese: Sichuan? The world" global promotion activities caused by the enthusiastic response — "a lot of people like a kind of giant panda love love Sichuan!" On the afternoon of September 28th, in the "blue sky" of the Ministry of foreign affairs of China, "open the eyes of Sichuan, see the world", Wang Yixin, the Minister of foreign affairs, received a "diplomatic recruit" – the giant panda". The second day, the "new" and "foreign minister Chinese appeared together daily", "official duties". "Here, to know Sichuan, love Sichuan", from province to province, from domestic to international, "Sichuan day" triggered by the "blue Hall effect" — "continuous fermentation for home tie up" Sichuan, hometown people around the world are concerned about. Give me the flesh and blood of the homeland, unforgettable. I’m from Sichuan. I’m proud!" Storytelling artist Li Boqing forwarding and comments on the "Sichuan? The world" propaganda, get the majority of fans of fans. Jane Zhang, Li Danyang, and so on, and so on, Sichuan Province, and other large V have forwarded reports on the promotion activities on micro-blog, to recommend the charm of Sichuan. Sina micro-blog statistics show that the Sichuan global show micro topic reading is currently more than 16 million 780 thousand, received more than 2.6 comments. Sichuan Provincial Communist Youth League official micro-blog in the event theme launched # we Sichuan # interactive topic discussion, as of 29 PM, reading has reached 25 million, the amount of discussion 13 thousand. "Sichuan has been turned upside down, today’s new Sichuan is to let everyone love paradise!" President Du Zhiqiang attended the Tianfu Singapore promotion activities. He said, Tianfu will more than half of all villagers in Sichuan, no matter where you are, all to the hometown "tie up" to the world more exciting, more beautiful Sichuan. "Introduce yourself to the world, that Sichuan people’s unity and open and confident attitude, let me feel this in the capital of the Sichuan Chinese cheer." Xiang Daohua, director of the Chinese language teaching and research section of China Foreign Affairs University, Bazhong, Pingchang, the two day he continued to focus on the promotion activities. He said he would continue to introduce foreign students and friends of the beautiful hometown. Seeing is believing "through music, to more friends introduced me to Chengdu." After the event, Jane Zhang in his micro-blog forwarded the Sichuan daily official micro-blog on the latest micro-blog promotion activities. Fans have said in the comments, not only to introduce the great Chengdu, but also to introduce Mianyang, big Zigong…… The word "big" is not only the common and unique language habit in Sichuan dialect, but also contains the traditional mentality of the people who are willing to open, open and open." Focus on the study of ancient Chinese Sichuan University, Dr. Wang Feipeng said, which is closely related with the Sichuan people’s open gene, whether it is the southern silk road is the ancient Silk Road North, Sichuan will play an important role. Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina Anton? Lille believes that diplomats say that a standard is incompetent, "do not understand Sichuan". In his opinion)相关的主题文章: