Hangzhou District Hangzhou district parking spaces]_ filial piety is what Hangzhou residential parki-克什米尔暴力事件

A court area is one of the earlier District of Hangzhou, the old district — common parking is difficult, the resident population of more than 10000 people, the car owners have more than 800 cars, but residential parking fully prepared to more than 600, first come first served, every night there are more than 100 cars parked in residential area. When parking is so difficult, why should we push "filial piety parking spaces"? Zhang Aimin said, the old man Chui area is too much. 60 people over the age of 1451, accounting for 18.3% of the total population. Community investigation done, most of the 1451 old people are separated from their children, and in order to allow these children to come back home on weekends to see their parents more convenient, the community was thinking of this approach, the introduction of 18 "filial piety" parking spaces". Yesterday morning, I went to the court house, "filial piety car" is also painted sky blue base, also painted enjoyable for a family of five people. 18 "filial piety parking spaces", there are 10 in the District, two groups, distributed in every corner of the district. There are 8 in a small court. Zhang Aimin said, the headmaster is very supportive, the school only a total of 10 parking spaces, take out 8! Is this the end of the month, "filial piety car" officially put into use. The opening time for every Saturday, Sunday, 8 a.m. to 7 points, a parking reservation and a free parking for 5.5 hours. Hangzhou residential parking spaces where the address of filial piety and provide convenience for the weekend to go home to visit their parents, Hangzhou District Court Street Xihu District Cuiyuan community will be held before the end of July to launch the 18 "filial piety spaces" — with the property in advance booking visit for more than 60 years of age parents, up to 5.5 hours of free parking. With the increasing number of urban cars, the problem of parking is indeed inconvenient for people to visit their parents, especially in the old district of the city center. In their own parking difficulties, but also draw exclusive parking spaces to encourage and affirmation of filial piety, it is not easy. "Filial piety parking space" is not only a kind of welfare, but also a kind of value orientation that transmits the good and filial piety culture idea. If the community can carry out within the limits of ability, it will be more social efficiency. "Filial piety parking spaces" how to charge, it is understood that "filial piety parking spaces" opening time is every Saturday, Sunday morning, 8 to 7. A total of 18 parking spaces, 10 in the community, the 8 by the court a small school, just do not have classes on weekends. Want to enjoy the "filial piety parking spaces" concessions, you must first drive to the District, is to visit the parents living in the district. Want to apply for the owner, first to the community and property there, registered parents address, license plate number and contact information. Then, someone asked, if want to visit their uncle aunt uncle and aunt, can enjoy the "filial piety parking"? Community workers said at the launch of the "filial piety spaces", the community had a diagnostic test, within the area of mostly elderly people over the age of 60, the old man has 1451 people, accounting for the total population 18.3%; most old people do not live together with their children, and the weekend to come home to visit the elderly, the children for the majority, this service also temporarily only open to children.

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孝心车位是什么车位 杭州小区孝心车位地址在哪怎么收费




孝心车位是什么车位 杭州小区孝心车位地址在哪怎么收费