4 month old female infant with heroin during pregnancy-cosmax

Pregnant woman milk during the injection of heroin relapse 4 months old baby girl involved both men and women that cherish life away from drugs, but some people do not have this, persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, a couple not only their own drug use, but also bring their children on a road of no return. Police: "yesterday morning, we drove on patrol in the 208 provincial police, suddenly found on the side of the road there is a man and a woman holding a child, they look very nervous after we see." The Public Security Bureau today, "City Express" all media reporters rushed to the three canal section of highway 208, it is understood that the police found in the suspicious couple, the man in the back streets of smoke, and the woman holding a child has been hovering, seems to be waiting for what. After police investigation found that the couple was waiting for the drug trade, the purchase of heroin, after learning of this situation, the police immediately brought back to the police station two. Injection of drugs, police hand: "back to do a urine test, urine test was positive, and the two men admitted that they were at home the night before injection of heroin." "City Express" all media reporter learned that two people confessed that they are Sanyuan county towns, has three or four years of history of drug abuse, but let reporters surprise, the couple not only to take their children to buy drugs, but also women’s pregnancy and lactation between the continuous injection of heroin. Police: "at that time, the woman in the sitting on the sofa, I said to him, I said if you inject drugs, why breastfeeding children, you don’t know the drug in the body there is a long time, the child will form addiction through breast milk, your children and a lifetime, after I finished then, the woman was holding the child, under her head, and then I added, I said you two drug why children, two men raised his head to look at me, look very indifferent, but also with a smile." At present, the man Xiemou has been in administrative detention, and the woman because of the South Korea has been transferred to the community nursing. Source: City Express responsibility editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: