3 million men were taken away by the bank bank said he was a victim diying

The man was planning to go 3 million deposit bank bank that he is the victim of 3 million yuan deposit in the bank "disappeared", what is the bank employee used his position to seek illegal, or otherwise headed? Recently, the Nanjing public Mr. Cai complaints in their own knowledge, the Bank of Jiangsu employees to open online banking and turn away the card 3 million yuan. After asking the bank to return the 3 million yuan was taken away, he will bank of Jiangsu to court. Surging news interview was informed that the Qixia District Court has accepted the case of Nanjing. The head office of Bank of Jiangsu business management department official said the news of surging, the case is not a simple "deposits in the bank lost" event, from the initial situation held by banks, the parties involved in the folk high interest lending risk, want to put the risk transferred to the bank on the "illegal behavior". The person in charge of the Bank of Jiangsu also said that the case may be suspected of criminal investigation, Nanjing police have been involved in the investigation of all cases, to court and public security shall prevail, in addition, to disclose more details. However, Chinese CBRC Jiangsu authority in April 7, 2015 to Mr. Cai’s "complaint book", the Bank of Jiangsu to confirm Mr. Cai on debit card, or retained their identity card, also did not use the two generation ID card reading device reads the ID card information, in violation of the provisions of the Bank of Jiangsu. Bank card 3 million "disappeared" Nanjing citizens Mr. Cai said that in March 2015 the news of surging, university students Ma Qian (a pseudonym) to find him, said his cousin Lee is the Bank of Jiangsu Xingang branch employees, there are some Xichu task on hand, hope can help support a CAI, interest than other banks more than ten percentage points 17%. Choi said he promised to deposit 3 million yuan in Jiangsu bank. However, the business day, Mr. Cai is not present. According to Cai description, he was on a business trip, he will apply for a bank card, ID card copy of fax required to maqianli hands, please maqianli and cousin Li Moudai to open an account. After returning to Nanjing, Mr. Cai received the maqianli, Lee is the deposit for the Jiangsu bank debit card. Subsequently, Mr. Cai in the East Branch of the Bank of Jiangsu to the memory card into the 3 million yuan, and modify the initial password of bank card. In July 2015, Mr. Cai heard Lee "made a mistake" was removed from the Xingang branch, to fund security concerns. In December of that year, Mr. Cai check the account balance, found his bank card 3 million yuan mysteriously disappeared, leaving only more than 10 yuan. He asked the bank to transfer the deposit account. The results show that Cai’s bank card through online banking, counter service and other ways, respectively, deposited or spent hundreds of transactions. Cai said he did not know his bank card opened online banking. Mr. Cai said surging news, someone through the online banking operations nearly 80 pen, he completely unaware. He also learned that after the query, his bank card online banking bound for the acceptance notice information of the mobile phone number, an old classmate maqianli mobile phone number. According to Mr. Cai, after he contacted Lee to ask the reason, "she call, maqianli is denied to them about.相关的主题文章: