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29 Zhejiang bank deposit rates go up a offensive and defensive alliance not exceeding a maximum of 40% Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Reporter Hui Hangzhou reported to a package of City Commercial Bank in twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter said, the self-discipline mechanism for small and medium-sized banks is very attractive. Since September 10th, Zhejiang banks had collective vote through the "interest rate pricing discipline agreement" (hereinafter referred to as the "agreement") began, the 29 banks to form a "offensive and defensive alliance". Twenty-first Century economic news reporter learned that self-discipline agreement for different types of financial institutions, different types of deposits were made specific provisions. For example, the current deposit interest rate floating range limit of 25%, bank deposit rates according to different categories, the floating range limit of ranging from 35%~40%, involved in the bidding deposit rates for the reunification of 35%, etc.. "Behind the September 13th agreement" in Zhejiang, a state-owned bank said the person in charge of the twenty-first Century economic report to reporters, now the tender deposit as an example, most of them are financial funds, four state-owned bank authorized by the superior limit, the interest rate is generally 40%, or less, and may reach 50% shares for. So, money will aggravate to high prices of bank liquidity, the bank put loan pricing, also will increase. Twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter interviewed a number of bankers, said the main offensive and defensive alliance or to avoid the vicious competition, the financial industry to raise the cost of financing, loan companies ultimately passed on to the head. At the same time, most banks did not exceed the actual business of the above limit, thus affecting little. Why not have restrictions on the offensive and defensive alliance interest rate loans? In this regard, the aforementioned Zhejiang state bank official said that the loan is not necessary to limit. The loan interest rate is too high is not put out, and the state-owned big firms have lower prices stabilize. The problem is that now all the banks are lending to worry, some banks for loans to the benchmark 8.2 to 15% off. "I think now to limit the minimum lending rate is very necessary, otherwise the industry each other." In recent years, China’s market-oriented interest rate reform has accelerated. Since October 2015, the people’s Bank of China canceled the deposit interest rate floating cap, market-oriented interest rate reform into a new stage. But the interest rate is not Zhejiang’s first offensive and defensive alliance, the market interest rate pricing discipline mechanism is actually by the central bank, was founded in early September 24, 2013, with the mechanism of the country. Twenty-first Century economic news reporter was informed that, in August 25th, with the new deposit interest rate pricing self-discipline convention held in Zhejiang, Hangzhou. The meeting, in fact, is the fifth working conference on the Zhejiang market interest rate pricing mechanism, the meeting discussed the adoption of the agreement. 29 banks agreed that the specific contents include: demand deposit interest rate floating range adjustment to 25% (notice, agreement deposit interest)相关的主题文章: