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"2" to guard the Milky Way Bupai " black " " Ego" change the villain; "the Milky Way guard 2" villain of planet Ego, The Living Planet time Reuters ended in June shooting "the Milky Way guard 2" today broke the news, has begun to bupai. Singyungne Bula played Karen in the film · Gellar revealed the news on twitter. On the same day, also broke the villain on Ego almost did not appear in the "Silver 2" support behind the episode, the director James · Gunn also tweets confirmed the news. In the "Silver 2" nurse who plays Singyungne Bula Karen · Gellar today said in a message on twitter "the Milky Way guard today bupai! And the guys back too excited ", while Karen · also suggested the label by Guillain Bupai is a very natural thing," this is taken up the most simple, because this film has very great." In addition, how long will it take for the film to take place, as well as where there is no exact message flow. But what we know is that most of the film was filmed in Atlanta. In the news not long exposure, today in an activity in the question and answer session, we also from "screenwriter Elliott ·" Deadpool; Rees heard a "2" on the Milky Way guard villain of planet Ego, The Living Planet almost did not appear in the movie news. He said FOX had to be "X" in the dark X-Men (Negasonic Teenage Warhead) on the corner "and" Deadpool, gave up the character of Ego copyright. It is therefore, Wei Wei won the role of copyright Ego. Karen · Gellar and director James · Gwen tweets posted the original, directed by James · Gunn in the first set Ego to xingjue father, did not know that Marvel did not the role of copyright. In the news after the exposure, the grace of the special tweets on the document, said: "I think Fox himself did not know he would become such an integral part of the universe jigsaw puzzle (I do not have a backup plan)." "Galaxy guard 2" will be opened in North America in May 5, 2017. In addition to the "star Lord Chris · Pratt," magic card "Zoe · Saaldana," destroyer Drax "Dave · Batista, voice actor" Sylvans Grote "van · diesel and rocket raccoon Bradley · Cooper will return, Asian actress Kremen Jeff, French actress Pang · Elizabeth · Qi and Derby veteran action star Kurt · Russell will join the cast, Kurt · Russell will play xingjue father.相关的主题文章: