19 year old girl died unmarried in the rental room or because of illegal abortion drugs mp7a1

19 year old girl died unmarried in the rental room or due to eat abortion drugs inadvertently in the afternoon of September 22nd, South Lake District, the town of the village of the village of the bridge, the bag factory machinery is extremely noisy, many workers wearing headphones in the work. A station was empty, and the sewing machine had a white headphone line. This morning, the station’s owner, a 19 year old girl was found dead in the rental housing in the toilet body, a large share of blood. More unfortunately, the doctors found that the girl was over 6 months pregnant. Jiangxi girl Xiao Feng plant into the first half of the year, and even her close co-workers do not know, this looks Petite obedient teenage pregnancy. Informed sources said that the death of Xiao Feng, because of taking abortion drugs inadvertently lead to bleeding. However, the police did not respond to this statement, but ruled out homicide. In fact, evening news reporter survey found that young female "unmarried" and even repeated abortion is a common phenomenon, and younger trend. In 2014, Jiaxing occurred vicious cases even sensational unmarried mothers kill his own son, the unmarried mother is female migrant workers. In their growing up, family, school, factory, society, "sex education" serious vacancy. This is another need to focus on the "vulnerable groups"". The 19 year old pregnant girls died of rental housing workers didn’t know she was pregnant in September 22nd morning, the history of Zhuang Village Road, a three storey building under is surrounded by many people, the police cordoned off. "The dead man!" We There were many discussions. A young woman died in the bathroom and was found in the same house in the morning. The forensic finds that the young woman is a pregnant woman, the child is gone. Seven hundred or eight hundred meters from the incident to the bag factory, the staff also heard the news, very surprised. The dead are their colleagues, 19 year old Jiangxi girl Xiao feng. One day, Xiao Feng is still in the normal work, who do not know, this looks Petite sensible girl, was pregnant. Ms. Wang (a pseudonym) sitting in the back of the station Xiao Feng, they go to work 8 hours a day, the main job is to use sewing machine stitching bag fabric. She said, 21 am, Xiao Feng said stomach pain, dry for a while to lie down for a while, did not come in the afternoon to leave. "At first, I thought she was coming to her aunt, and then I heard she was pregnant." Ms. Wang said, the workers do not know about her pregnancy, Xiao Feng petite, 1 meter more than and 50, a little fat, love to wear loose clothes, so even if pregnant is not clear, "the 19 year old little girl, no boyfriend, who will go to the side?" Zhang Xiao Feng is in the factory of the little sisters, two people go in, eat lunch every day, "simply cannot accept, at noon yesterday her stomach pain, did not eat or go home, please help me off." Zhang told reporters, Xiao Feng 16 years old from the home to work out, in Hangzhou on the class. This year 3 menstrual relatives introduced into the factory. "Did not think she was pregnant, I usually do not go out, not to mention with men." However, Zhang did note that the recent small fat a lot of fat, someone joked with her, saying that is not pregnant ah? She denied, only said he loved to eat, recently gained more than and 10 pounds." Xiao Zhang zhang.相关的主题文章: