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13 year old boy Dutch act: father died after his mother remarried is discouraging school November 3rd 16 am, Baoan Songgang on the road of a new pit tail floor of the stairs with a boy hanging, no signs of life have been sent to the hospital. Caixin network @ 3 pm, Shenzhen Baoan a Songgang teenager hanging Dutch act, only 13 years old. The boy’s family, father died early, his mother remarried. According to the police briefing, November 3rd 16 am, Baoan Songgang pit on the rear of a new road stairs, a boy hanged himself, sent to the hospital has no signs of life, diagnosed by the hospital, declared dead. Preliminary forensic identification, was hanged to death, the family has no objection. According to the knowledge, the deceased was a 13 year old boy who lived in a rented house in Songgang. Mr. Liu, the boy’s uncle, said that the nephew had suddenly disappeared 7 days ago, and when he came to the rental house to find him yesterday, he heard, "what happened to your child?"". According to Liu recalled, the child hanged himself in the corridor of a residential building, the rope tied to the wall, the window. Mr. Liu told reporters, his hometown in Henan, 6 years ago his father died, his mother remarried, children also died in August this year, grandpa. "There’s nobody in the family now."." Therefore, in the work of Shenzhen’s uncle nephew to, and in Songgang the rent for him to take care of. Liu introduced, the child because parents are not in the long, character comparison naughty, rebellious, and even fighting, stealing behavior. "Home school is" good management ", he has quantui." Therefore, the child also upset Shenzhen. There are family reasons as well as social reasons." For discouraging school nephew move, Mr. Liu said: "very dissatisfied with the school discipline, but I sent the children to school for what?" It is reported that Mr. Liu originally wanted to let his nephew self-reliance, near the company rental, let him have nothing to learn in the company technology. However, the nephew did not appreciate, temper is more and more big, even the mobile phone signal is not good, the room is broken. Seven days ago, the nephew asked Uncle for 100 yuan, but then disappeared, until the event happened. Liu said he was now reflecting on his nephew’s education. "After the accident, my pressure is also very big, because I also do my best to take care of his responsibility, but did not expect such a thing."." He appealed to the society and hoped that more people would pay attention to this kind of minors in the vulnerable groups, and reduce the tragedy. (originally entitled "father died young mother remarried 13 years old boy from Shenzhen Dutch act")

13岁男孩自杀:父亲早逝母亲改嫁 后被学校劝退11月3日16时许,宝安松岗坑尾上新路某楼楼梯口有一男孩上吊,送到医院时已无生命迹象。 @财新网 图3日下午,深圳宝安松岗一少年上吊自杀,年仅13岁。男孩家人表示,孩子父亲早亡、母亲改嫁。据警方通报,11月3日16时许,宝安松岗坑尾上新路某楼楼梯口有一男孩上吊,送到医院时已无生命迹象,经医院诊断,宣布死亡。经法医初步鉴定,为缢死死亡,家属无异议。据了解,死者是一名13岁的男孩,生前住在松岗一所出租屋内。男孩的叔叔刘先生表示,侄子在7天前曾突然失踪,自己昨天来出租屋找他时听到说,“你家孩子出事了”。据刘先生回忆,孩子是在一栋居民楼的楼道里上吊自杀了,绳子拴在墙壁窗户上。刘先生告诉记者,侄子老家在河南,6年前侄子的父亲去世、母亲改嫁,抚养孩子的爷爷也在今年8月去世了。“现在老家里已经没人了。”因此,在深圳工作的叔叔将侄子接来,并在松岗为他租了房,方便照顾。刘先生介绍,孩子由于父母长期不在,性格比较淘贪玩、叛逆,甚至还有打架、偷盗的行为。“老家的学校说是‘不好管理’,把他劝退了。”因此,将孩子接来深圳也是无奈之举。“孩子走到今天这一步,有家庭原因,也有社会的原因。”对于学校劝退侄子的举动,刘先生非常不满:“学校说管教不了,可是我把孩子送到学校是为了什么?”据悉,刘先生本来想让侄子自食其力,就在公司附近租房,让他没事在公司学点技术。然而侄子并不领情,脾气也越来越大,甚至嫌房间信号不好、把手机也摔坏了。七天前,侄子问叔叔要了100元钱,但之后就失踪不见,直到事件发生。刘先生表示,自己现在也在反省对侄子的教育。“孩子出事之后,我的压力也是非常大,因为我也是全力尽到照顾他的责任,但没想到发生这样的事情。”他向社会呼吁,希望有更多人关注这类处在弱势群体的未成年人,减少悲剧发生。(原题为《父亲早逝母亲改嫁 深圳13岁男孩上吊自杀》)相关的主题文章: