90Net loan regulation and then upgrade by thirteen over 90% ban platform facing business adjustment|Net loan regulation and then upgrade by thirteen over 90% ban platform facing business adjustment4

Net loan regulation and then upgrade by thirteen over 90% ban platform facing business adjustment Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! 24, the CBRC, the Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of public security, the state Internet information office and other four departments jointly issued the "Interim Measures for the business management information network lending agency" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"). Insiders said that the approach proposed by the dual responsibility principle, deposit control, borrowing cap and other content, will have a significant impact on the net loan industry, over 90% P2P net loan platform is facing business adjustment. The "measures" to determine the general principles of the net loan industry regulation: one is the emphasis on the nature of institutions, to strengthen it in the post regulation; two is to adhere to the bottom line of regulatory thinking, the implementation of negative list management, clear net lending institutions can not engage in thirteen prohibitions behavior. It is reported that the thirteen prohibitions behavior, in addition to the previous provisions shall be self financing, not to split the project financing period, but also adds new borrowing for not to invest in stocks, with capital, OTC futures contracts, structured products and other high risk financing provides information intermediary services, not to carry out asset securitization business rules. The "measures" that will be in accordance with the "double responsibility" principle, clear the CBRC and its dispatched institutions responsible for the implementation of the behavior regulation of the net loan business activities, making the net loan business activity monitoring system; local financial supervision department is responsible for the area of net loan regulatory agencies, specific regulatory functions including record management, guidance, and risk prevention disposal etc.. In addition, the "procedures" also stipulates that the implementation of customer funds from the banking financial institutions to the third party depository system, and the provisions of the responsibility information disclosure of net lending institutions shall carry out the project financing and full disclosure of the borrower information, regular disclosure of net loan platform for business management information, the information disclosure of audit and report, to ensure that the disclosure of the information is true, accurate, complete and timely. Pat credit President Hu Hong told the economic reference news "reporter said," measures "will be introduced to promote the industry to mature, network lending to small, decentralized service consumption, do inclusive financial supervision is the basic idea. Regulatory system is improving, will promote a large number of institutional arbitrage platform exit, industry concentration will be significantly enhanced. It is worth noting that the approach clearly on the same borrower in the same network of lending institutions and the balance of the loan balance of the different network lending institutions to make provisions. According to regulations, the same natural person in the same network lending information intermediaries platform loan balance does not exceed the ceiling of 200 thousand yuan; the same legal persons or other organizations in the same network lending information intermediaries platform loan balance does not exceed the ceiling of 1 million yuan; the same natural person in different network lending platform loan information intermediaries the total amount of not more than RMB 1 million yuan; the same legal persons or other organizations in different network lending platform information intermediary loan total balance is not more than 5 million yuan. The love of money into CEO Yang Fan said that the "measures" proposed loan ceiling will lead to P2P platform "a small, simple, dispersion theory

21Ten vehicle accident nine times faster but the slow will get in trouble. (video)|Ten vehicle accident nine times faster but the slow will get in trouble. (video)3

Ten vehicle accident nine times faster but the slow will get in trouble. No oil car broke down with water to drive? As the saying goes: the ten accident is the fastest time, although it is easy to open an accident, but generally refers to the speeding, more than the current speed limit of the road traveling nine. Many novice friends mistakenly thought it would be safe to drive slowly, indeed, in most cases, drive slowly will be safe, such as downtown, but not all roads for slow to open, it will influence his vehicle traffic, people were despised; or may cause traffic accidents. Several cases, a slow 1, just starting out Lenovo to drive slow, we think of is definitely a novice. The novice on the road is generally more tense, a nervous forget to forget that, accidentally stalled, so novice drivers will be slower. But this drives often affect the passage of other vehicles, and will be very vulnerable to others despise. 2, do not know the way the driver at the intersection or see signs often don’t know the way to the driver, they in place will generally slow down even the brakes, even missed the turn and reversing, this is very dangerous. 3, driving attention is not focused on driving slow speed, and the impact of the car, which is the most disgusting, such as driving a phone call, send text messages, set navigation, etc.. Not only their own danger, but also affect others. And the new rules also provides car phone penalty 50, deducted 2 points. Two, high speed drives may be illegal everyone knows that high speed speed limit, not only has the highest speed, also has the lowest speed limit. Used to slow driver speed, there may be less than the minimum speed of the high speed and illegal. This is not what drove to illegal chant, is a lot of slow driver for a fast lane turtle speed driving, not to mention road rage driver will see this honked, ordinary drivers encounter such too. Three, high speed drives, emergency brake, reversing the vehicle driving slow, as Dutch act at high speed on the emergency brake, reversing Dutch act is a very dangerous behavior. It is very easy to rear end accident. This kind of traffic test is a common occurrence, especially at high speed. Harm yourself and harm others. And high-speed reverse will face the penalty of 12 points. Four, often drives oil hurt the car drives easily the long-term costs of oil, due to the slow speed, engine speed have not reached the best condition. There is no gasoline combustion, resulting in coke production, come down for a long time will cause the vehicle idling instability, increased fuel consumption. Summary: people often say "go back to the other side to slow down things like" don’t slow down, but not equal to the traffic safety. In the downtown area, traffic is heavy, everybody did not drive quickly, slow down the road that is the right thing to do; if in good road speed or road driving slow but also accounted for a fast track, it will not only cause interference to the car, more likely to cause the crash.