Jiang Chaoliang Li Hongzhong, former Secretary of the CPC Hubei Provincial Committee has been appoin-22eee.net

Jiang Chaoliang, Secretary of the Hubei provincial Party committee, Li Hongzhong, former Secretary of the Party committee of Tianjin Li Hongzhong Li Hongzhong resume, Li Hongzhong, male, Han nationality, born in August 1956, Shandong Changle people. He joined the Communist Party of China in December 1976 and worked in l975 in August. He graduated from the History Department of Jilin University. University degree. 1975.08-1978.02, Liaoning Province, Shenyang city Sujiatun District of the educated youth brigade served as a militia commander, security officer, Secretary of the general Party branch, deputy director of the Committee; 1978.02-1982.02, history students of History Department of Jilin University; 1982.02-1984.08, Liaoning Province, Shenyang municipal government office of the Secretariat cadres; 1984.08-1985.04, Liaoning Province, Shenyang municipal government office document processing group deputy leader; 1985.04-1985.06, the CPC Liaoning provincial Party committee secretary of the general office of the Ministry of electronics industry; 1985.06-1987.09, office of the Secretary (1986.07 clear Deputy level); 1987.09-1988.11, deputy director of the Ministry of electronics industry, party office senior secretary; 1988.11-1995.12, vice mayor of Guangdong Municipal People’s Government of Huizhou province party members (attachment, 1991.10 Ministry of electronics industry as deputy department 1990.10. – 1991.10 and Huizhou Dayawan City Industrial Development Zone Management Committee Party Secretary, director of 1993.03 – 1995.12 and Huizhou Zhongkai national high tech Industrial Development Zone); 1995.12-1996.04, deputy secretary of the CPC Guangdong Province, Huizhou Municipal People’s Government on behalf of the mayor, party secretary; 1996.04-2000.03, deputy secretary of the CPC Guangdong Province, Huizhou Municipal People’s Government mayor party secretary (1996.09-1997.07 in the study, the Central Party school youth class 1999.06 – 1999.06 in the Harvard University Kennedy Institute of politics "future leaders" Seminar) 2000.03-2001.02, Secretary of the CPC Guangdong Province, Huizhou municipal Party members; 2001.02-2002.05, vice governor of Guangdong Province,; 2002.05-2003.01, the CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee and Party members, vice governor of the people’s government, 200; 3.01-2003.06, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee, deputy governor of the people’s Government of the province, deputy secretary of the party; 2003.06-2004.02, the CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee, deputy secretary of Shenzhen Municipal Committee, municipal people’s Government on behalf of the mayor, party secretary; 2004.02-2005.02, the CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee, deputy secretary of Shenzhen Municipal Committee, mayor, Party Secretary of the Municipal People’s government; 2005.02 – 2005.06, the Communist Party of China Guangdong Provincial Committee and party secretary of Shenzhen Municipal People’s government, the mayor and party secretary 2005.06.

蒋超良任湖北省委书记 前任李鸿忠已任天津市委书记 李鸿忠   李鸿忠简历   李鸿忠,男,汉族,1956年8月出生,山东昌乐人。1976年12月加入中国共产党,l975年8月参加工作,吉林大学历史系历史学专业毕业。大学学历。   1975.08-1978.02,辽宁省沈阳市苏家屯区插队知青,曾任大队民兵连长、治保主任、团总支书记、革委会副主任;   1978.02-1982.02,吉林大学历史系历史学专业学生;   1982.02-1984.08,辽宁省沈阳市政府办公厅秘书处干部;   1984.08-1985.04,辽宁省沈阳市政府办公厅公文处理组副组长;   1985.04-1985.06,中共辽宁省委办公厅秘书;   1985.06-1987.09,电子工业部办公厅秘书(1986.07明确为副处级);   1987.09-1988.11,电子工业部党组办公室副主任、正处级秘书;   1988.11-1995.12,广东省惠州市人民政府副市长、党组成员(挂职,1991.10电子工业部定为副厅级,1990.10―1991.10兼惠州市大亚湾工业开发区管委会党组书记,1993.03―1995.12兼惠州市仲恺国家高新技术产业开发区管委会主任);   1995.12-1996.04,中共广东省惠州市委副书记、市人民政府代市长、党组书记;   1996.04-2000.03,中共广东省惠州市委副书记、市人民政府市长、党组书记(1996.09-1997.07在中央党校中青班学习,1999.06―1999.06参加美国哈佛大学肯尼迪政治学院“未来领导者”研究班学习)   2000.03-2001.02,中共广东省惠州市委书记;   2001.02-2002.05,广东省人民政府副省长、党组成员;   2002.05-2003.01,中共广东省委常委,省人民政府副省长、党组成员;   2003.01-2003.06,中共广东省委常委,省人民政府常务副省长、党组副书记;   2003.06-2004.02,中共广东省委常委、深圳市委副书记,市人民政府代市长、党组书记;   2004.02-2005.02,中共广东省委常委、深圳市委副书记,市人民政府市长、党组书记;   2005.02―2005.06,中共广东省委常委、深圳市委书记,市人民政府市长、党组书记   2005.06―2007.11,中共广东省委常委、深圳市委书记、市人大常委会主任,深圳警备区党委第一书记。   2007.11―2007.12,中共湖北省委副书记;   2007.12―2008.01,中共湖北省委副书记、副省长、代省长;   2008.01―2010.12,中共湖北省委副书记、省长;   2010.12―2011.02,中共湖北省委书记;   2011.02 中共湖北省委书记、省人大常委会主任。   2016.09 天津市委书记。   中共十七大代表,中共第十六、十七届中央候补委员,十八届中央委员,第九、十、十一届全国人大代表。相关的主题文章:

Police patrol hundred days Shenyang public security criminal case straight down into 3 (video)-winbook

Since the police patrol hundred days Shenyang public security criminal case straight down into 3 Shenyang City patrol car new mobile electronic camera in July 27th this year, Shenyang residents in the high streets and back lanes often seen reading "waving on the station, immediately do 24 hour patrol car, the 300 new line patrol cars run full hundred days Shenyang, public security, incidence of criminal cases decreased by 28.41%. Behind this alarming figure is the hard work of all the Shenyang police. They hunt at smashed cars theft suspects, in the cold street to rescue the sick old man, back from the dead line abandoned…… They gave up a small family for everyone, with countless ordinary stories cast extraordinary achievements. Vice mayor of Shenyang City Public Security Bureau Director Liu Guoxiu accepted an exclusive interview with Liao Shen Evening News reporter, the touching story passionately about the patrol car for the public service behind. Liu Guoxiu said, Shenyang police carefully build "policing model and giving priority to prevention", establish "service concept to the people", the construction of social security prevention and control system in Shenyang to promote the "prevention and control services integration", in order to maintain the social stability in Shenyang. To find out the case did not cover hot rob iphone7 was arrested on a night at the end of September this year, Shenyang has a bit cold. KTV, a Pearl Street in Huanggu District, walked out of a pair of young men and women, leaving two people at the door. Soon, the young man returned quietly behind the woman. Go to the Pearl River Street Huashan Road intersection when the young man suddenly jump to the front of the woman, her hands hastily grabbed iphone7 and quickly ran away. "Come on, somebody’s robbing you."!" The woman’s shrill voice with fear pierced the stillness of the night. A security guard in a nearby cabaret to catch up, and the woman shouted while chasing. When a man escaped to the intersection of Yao mountain road in Sanjiang street, a patrol police car passed by. The car on the Shenyang City Public Security Bureau of Huanggu police station three organs patrol car group class C 2 by the food and drug investigation police detachment Zhang Ding Ning, Huanggu Branch police brigade Police Brigade reconnaissance figure Wang Zhi and three police agency defender Bai Guangfu found off immediately after an exception. Three police station into a wall, the fleeing man stopped on the spot and uniform. After investigation, the man Liu is 19 years old, Liaoning; robbed the woman 20 years old, Shandong Zibo people, two netizen relationship. On the same day, two people went to KTV to drink and sing and left. The man played the idea of women’s mobile phone, followed and implemented the snatch. Liu said, I really did not expect the police came too fast, I did not understand what is going on in front of the eyes…… The thief found out smashing windows theft because youth is the police patrol on duty 24 hours, the shuttle in Shenyang public security criminal case, high streets and back lanes, rate continued to decline, even if occasionally occur, will be strong and timely disposal. The afternoon of September 15th, the Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment five deputy squadron commander Du Mingfeng, four patrol squadron instructor Xu Maocheng, who was a young man smashing windows found in the Yangtze River Street bar. "He was carrying a backpack, dare not open eyes, eyes are the tools of crime pocket to avoid being seen." Du Mingfeng said. "This happened near several smashing windows, smashed cars stolen, the man is very suspicious." Du Mingfeng and Xu Maocheng handed over the man to the local police station for investigation,"

巡逻警车过百日 沈城治安刑事案发案率直降3成 沈阳市巡逻车新增移动电子拍照 今年7月27日以来,沈阳市民在大街小巷经常看到写着“招手就站,马上就办”的24小时巡逻警车,目前这300辆新上线的巡逻警车运行已满百日,沈阳治安、刑事案件发案率降低幅度达28.41%。这个惊人数字的背后,是全体沈阳民警的辛苦付出。他们凌晨追捕砸车盗窃嫌疑人,在寒冷街头救助患病老人,从死亡线上拉回弃婴……他们舍小家为大家,用无数个平凡故事铸就了不平凡的成绩。沈阳市副市长、公安局局长刘国秀接受辽沈晚报记者独家专访,动情地讲述了巡逻警车为市民服务背后的那些感人故事。刘国秀表示,沈阳公安精心打造“以防为主”的警务模式,树立“以民为本”的警务理念,推进沈阳“打防管控服务一体化”的社会治安防控体系建设,维护沈阳的社会治安稳定。寻出案情抢iphone7没捂热乎就被抓今年9月底的一个深夜,沈城已有几分寒意。皇姑区珠江街一家KTV 走出了一对年轻男女,在门口两人分头离开。不久,男青年悄悄返回跟在女子身后。走到珠江街华山路路口时,男青年突然蹿到女子面前,劈手将她手中的iphone7夺下并迅速逃跑。“快来人呐,有人抢劫啦!”女子带着恐惧的尖利呼声划破了深夜的寂静。附近一家歌厅的一名保安闻讯追了上去,和女子边追边喊。男子逃到三江街姚山路路口时,正巧一辆巡逻警车经过。车上的沈阳市公安局皇姑分局三洞桥派出所机关轮值巡逻车2组C班食药侦支队民警张丁宁、皇姑分局刑警大队图侦大队民警王智和三洞桥派出所社防队员白光福发现异常后立即下车。三名民警站成一道人墙,将逃窜男子拦住并当场制服。经调查,男子刘某19岁,辽宁人;被抢女子20岁,山东淄博人,二人为网友关系。当日二人到KTV饮酒唱歌后离开,男子打起了女子手机的主意,跟踪并实施抢夺。刘某说,真没想到警察来得太快了,我都没明白咋回事就在眼前了……揪出小偷发现砸窗青年是盗窃犯由于巡逻警车24小时值守,穿梭在沈阳的大街小巷,治安、刑事案件发案率持续下降,即便偶有发生,也会得到及时有力的处置。9月15日下午,沈阳市公安局巡警支队五中队副中队长杜明峰、四中队教导员徐茂成巡逻时,在长江街一家酒吧发现了一名正在砸窗的青年。“他背着个双肩包,双眼不敢直视,目光躲躲闪闪,衣兜里有作案工具。”杜明峰说。“这附近发生了几次砸窗、砸车盗窃,这个人很可疑。”杜明峰和徐茂成将该男子移交属地派出所进行调查,这名海南籍男子交代了在周边砸酒吧盗窃、砸车盗窃8起的犯罪事实。巡警支队支队长孙波说,“到巡警支队送锦旗的一位老先生告诉我,白天街头看到警察巡逻,晚上看到警灯闪烁,真让我们觉得心里踏实。”争分夺秒路遇伤者送医保住仨手指在巡逻中,路遇需要帮助市民的事例非常多,严重外伤、临产孕妇等需要帮助的市民被民警紧急送医。今年9月19日,市民徐先生来到朋友开的烧烤店帮忙修理电扇,没想到电扇倒下将双手砸伤,左手三根手指被电扇叶片削断。就在他们心急火燎又无可奈何时,一辆巡逻警车出现在不远处。徐先生的朋友赶紧挥手并呼喊,车上的黄河派出所巡逻1组B班省厅计财处民警孙占帮、市局治安局民警齐放、分局刑警大队民警韩旭、技术科辅警王宏鹏赶紧停车并把二人接上车。去八院路程正常行车需要20多分钟,民警开启警灯疾驰,仅用10分钟就把徐先生送到医院急诊室。因为抢救及时,断指重生。爱心满满派出所民警充当临时奶爸今年9月1日晚,苏家屯分局民主派出所民警当了一把“临时奶爸”。当晚派出所接到报警,苏家屯区妇婴医院附近发现一名被遗弃的男婴。当天风雨交加,婴儿只裹着一条薄薄的毯子,民警赶紧联系妇婴医院,给男婴身体进行了清洁处理,又买来奶瓶奶粉和小衣服,用小被子把他裹紧。民警姜道和当起了“临时奶爸”,为了让男婴得到更好的照料,民警决定将他送到沈阳市儿童医院。上车不久,男婴睡着了,民警姜道和把男婴抱在臂弯里,整整1个小时一动也不敢动……聚少离多为巡逻工作他们付出太多女民警高晓莹从警已经19年,丈夫张涛也是一名民警。在外人看来,两口子似乎令人羡慕:不错的工作、稳定的收入,但个中滋味高晓莹心里很清楚——她和丈夫聚少离多,同时工作又有一定的危险,但她和丈夫非常珍视人民警察的荣誉,如果没有使命感和坚定的信念,他们的生活不会走到今天。沈阳市公安局开展巡逻工作以来,同为市局机关民警的夫妻俩共同走上了巡逻岗位。夫妻俩实行了两班接替上岗,但无论怎样编排时间,想兼顾家庭都十分困难。“我巡逻结束晚上10点往家赶,到家的时候,丈夫已经出门上岗巡逻了。”高晓莹说,两人回家、离家总会有时间差,最少也得有10分钟,也就是说夫妻二人不可能在家“交接班”。因为上初二的女儿胆小,丈夫张涛一般会把孩子哄睡着,然后到点出门。高晓莹回到家时,丈夫已经在巡逻的岗位上,女儿在熟睡。作为妻子和母亲,她的肩上还承担着更多的职责,有时看着这个场面也会心酸,但她没有抱怨,而是更加支持和理解。正是无数像她和丈夫一样的民警默默付出,换来了沈城的平安。全家上阵三警家庭轮值巡逻难团圆在巡逻民警的队伍中,不仅有高晓莹、张涛这样的“双警家庭”,还有“三警家庭”——沈河分局张家齐的爱人、儿子也都是民警,一家三口又都担负着轮值巡逻的任务。如果说一个家庭有一个警察,一家子都很难团圆,一家三口都是民警,想凑齐见面的难度可想而知。轮值巡逻启动时,沈河分局负责安排巡逻的领导不想让张家齐的丈夫蔡江礼参加,因为他几年前身患恶性肿瘤,于是打电话给张家齐,想让她也不参加巡逻,以便照料丈夫。张家齐说,分局机关患病的民警还有其他人,丈夫的病情并不是最重的,希望能给两口子都安排巡逻。就这样,这个“三警家庭”的三口人都承担起轮值巡逻任务。巡逻警车启动的第二天,张家齐乘大南派出所1号巡逻车,发现一名骑电动车带着孩子的女子与一名男子发生了口角,“男子捡起一块大石头就要砸向女子,我和经侦的一名女民警赶紧冲下车,上去把石头夺了下来。”“微警务”快速见效在处置突发事件时,巡逻民警还常使用“微警务”,常能在短时间内见效。大东分局将分局微警务二维码贴在车上,扫码即可在线办理多种业务,比如居住证办理预约、身份证办理预约,护照办理预约以及查询交通违法等多种服务。今年8月9日,大东门派出所巡逻警车在巡逻中发现一名老人栽倒在地,民警赶紧下车救援,将老人送到医院。老人神情恍惚,不仅无法说出准确住址,身上也没有任何证件。民警一边安抚老人,一边查询户籍信息寻找线索。大东门派出所值班民警马强是大东分局“微警务团队”的成员,他判断老人独自出门一般不会远走,很可能就住附近。于是他拍下老人照片,发到大东分局微警务平台,发动辖区居民们辨认并寻找其亲人,热情的市民们还在朋友圈转发这条信息。“马警官吗?谢谢您!”一个小时后,老人子女的电话打到了派出所,“那位老人是我父亲!”局长访谈刘国秀:发案率降低才是真本事接受辽沈晚报记者独家专访时,沈阳市副市长、公安局局长刘国秀表示,万名民警“走基层、联万家”爱民主题实践活动、“进企业、送服务、保稳定、促发展”活动、人民在我心中警察在你身边招手就站马上就办这三大载体,是沈阳市公安局面对人民群众的期待要求,赋予了公安机关新使命。他表示,如果警情增加、发案率上升,沈阳市民的公正感、安全感、满意度都会打折扣,沈阳公安提出牢固树立以民为本的警务理念,精心打造以防为主的警务模式,全面推进沈阳打防管控服务一体化的社会治安防控体系建设,从根本上维护沈阳的社会治安稳定。“定好平安沈阳这个调子,铺好民本警务这条路子,擎好群众满意这把尺子。”刘国秀表示,沈阳市公安局以增强人民群众安全感为目标,以突出人民群众的公正感为核心,以提升人民群众的满意度为根本,“理顺群众情绪,化解矛盾纠纷,解决突出问题,我们的巡逻防控是一种社会管理。”“有发案,破不了案,是没本事;有发案,能破案,算有本事;把案件处置在萌芽阶段,发案率降低,才是真本事!”刘国秀表示,治安、刑事等案件的侦破往往一个案子需要两三万元的开销,个别案子甚至要10万元以上,“300辆巡逻警车就是300个流动派出所,300个流动警务站,24小时服务,既方便市民又挤压犯罪空间,沈阳市公安局还有224辆110警务车和100辆中华巡逻车,这些警车一起构筑了沈阳三环内的全天候、全路段覆盖。”刘国秀表示,“民警要甘当市民的服务员、勤务员、安全员,与居民群众面对面、心贴心、攀亲戚、交朋友,尽心竭力为群众办好事、做实事、解难事,努力成为人民群众的知心人、贴心人。”相关的主题文章: